How does Formula 1 handle fire hazards?

Formula 1, with its high-speed races and cutting-edge technology, also needs to handle fire hazards. The official site 1xBet is waiting for you, and here you can wager on everything that happens at every Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Formula 1 has 3 key elements that make it quite dangerous, which are:

  • fast cars;
  • high-performance engines;
  • and highly flammable materials.

Let’s find out how they manage to handle the risks associated with these elements. Feel free to visit the 1xBet official site, where everything related to Formula 1 is covered.

Evolving measures

Let’s rewind a bit. Back in 1976, the legendary Niki Lauda suffered a horrific accident. His car burst into flames after a crash, and he suffered severe burns. That was a wake-up call for F1 to improve its safety measures. Since then, the sport has made leaps and bounds in improving safety protocols, especially around preventing and managing fires. If you get 1xBet app, you can wager on Formula 1 from your tablet or smartphone.

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Today’s F1 cars are like armoured tanks when it comes to safety features aimed at tackling fire risks. The fuel tanks, for instance, are no joke. They are wrapped in tough rubber bladders and a layer of Kevlar to keep them from rupturing on impact. The 1xBet app is something you can get today for absolutely free, and here you will find wagers on everything that happens in its races

If a fire breaks out, the cars are equipped with sophisticated fire extinguishing systems that deploy gases like Halon 1301 or NOVEC 1230. These gases can snuff out fires quickly without hurting the driver or messing up the car’s vital components too much.

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Strong rules

The drivers themselves also undergo training to face potential fires. They learn to escape their cars in 5 seconds, even with all their racing gear on. And speaking of gear, those racing suits are pretty incredible. Made from materials like Nomex, they can withstand super high temperatures, up to about 800 degrees Celsius. They are similar to the suits worn by firefighters. You can play with 1xBet online casino before the best drivers of the discipline get into action.

The FIA sets some tough standards that all teams have to follow. They have rules for everything. From how the fuel system is designed to the types of materials you can use in building a car. Cars have to pass these rigorous safety checks before they even get near a racetrack. Before following the best cars, you are invited to play with the 1xBet online casino and win with it.

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