disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria

10 Disadvantages of Pig Farming in Nigeria

Hello and welcome back to NaijaCloud, today we are going to look at the disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria.

You’ve heard the pros and cons of pig farming in Nigeria, but what about the disadvantages? Here are ten reasons why pig farming may not be the best option for you in your country.

Disadvantages of Pig Farming in Nigeria

1) Sanitation

One of the main disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is the lack of sanitation. Pigs are very dirty animals and they need to be kept in clean conditions to stay healthy. 

Unfortunately, many pig farmers in Nigeria do not have access to clean water or adequate facilities for housing their pigs. This can lead to disease and death among the pigs.

disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria

Disease and death can also be caused by poor ventilation, especially during hot weather. Pigs have a very low tolerance for heat, so ventilation is an important part of their care. 

Some pig farmers are unable to keep their pigs cool enough in hot weather, which leads to death.


2) Diseases

One of the disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is that pigs are susceptible to several diseases. These diseases can be passed on to humans, which can be dangerous. 

Pigs also require a lot of care and attention, and if they are not properly cared for, they can become sick. Additionally, pigs produce a lot of waste, which can pollute the environment.

Pigs are susceptible to several diseases, and if these aren’t dealt with immediately, they can be fatal. Also, pigs produce a lot of waste, which can spread disease or pollute local water sources.


3) Risk of Fire

One of the disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is the risk of fire. Pigs are highly flammable, and their straw bedding is also a fire hazard. 

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If a fire breaks out in a piggery, it can quickly spread and kill all the pigs. 

Fire is a major risk for pig farmers, and it’s something they must be prepared for.

Farmers should make sure they have adequate fire prevention measures, including fire extinguishers and metal detectors.  

They should also have emergency exit plans in place to help get people out of the farm as soon as possible if there is a fire. Another disadvantage of pig farming in Nigeria is that some people find the smell unpleasant or harmful to them.


4) Land Preparation Problems

One of the disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is the cost and availability of land. Land must be prepared before pigs can be raised on it, and this process can be expensive. In addition, suitable land may not be available in some areas.

When land is not available, you can build pens to raise pigs. 

However, most experts don’t recommend building your pen unless you have a good amount of experience with animal raising. 

After all, pigs are large animals and require plenty of space to move around and play. If they don’t get enough exercise or become too crowded, their health may decline. 

In addition, some states require that any new structure be inspected by a local inspector before it is used for pig farming; failure to do so can result in fines. 

For these reasons, it’s generally easier and cheaper to buy land than it is to prepare land if you want to raise pigs.

5) Feeding Problems

One of the main disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is the difficulty of feeding them. Pigs are omnivores and require a diet that includes both plants and animals.

 This can be expensive and difficult to find in some parts of the country. In addition, pigs are susceptible to various diseases which can also make feeding them a challenge.

A clean water supply is also essential to maintain proper pig health, so you’ll have to be prepared to get it frequently. 

You’ll need to regularly trim their hooves as well. Some people recommend keeping your pigs outside, but they must have shelter from the elements like wind and rain while still being able to roam freely during daylight hours. 

There are also concerns about creating an environment for disease-carrying mosquitoes when raising pigs near lakes or rivers because they’re often carriers of swine flu. 

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Finally, breeding problems can occur if you don’t put enough effort into finding a mate for your boar or sow; once again, this could take time and money away from other activities on your farm.

6) Population Growth Problems

In a country like Nigeria with a growing population, there’s bound to be competition for resources. And when it comes to pig farming, that competition can be fierce. 

Not only do pigs require a lot of food, but they also need clean water and space to roam. If you’re not careful, your pig farm can quickly become overcrowded, leading to disease and other problems.

Not only that, but you need to factor in other expenses such as building or buying proper pig housing. Proper fencing also helps keep pigs from wandering into fields or upsetting locals. 

You’ll want a large space for these facilities to accommodate growing populations and avoid disease. If you’re thinking about raising pigs at home, then you might want to reconsider unless there’s plenty of space for your herd.

7) Leakage Problem

One of the major disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is the leakage problem. The pens and sties are usually not well constructed and this causes leakages which result in the pigs getting wet and cold. 

This can lead to health problems and even death. Also, the mud will get into their food and cause them to be ill as well. Lack of Proper Space: 

The lack of proper space also affects pig farming in Nigeria because it leads to overcrowding which can also cause illness among pigs.

Other animals such as chickens and goats are kept with pigs leading to cross-contamination between these animals, including spreading diseases like rabies, swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease, etc. 

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Feeds may be scarce: Pigs require a lot of feed so there is always a risk that the feed supply might not meet their demand, thus leading to illnesses due to lack of food.

8) Disease Prone Animals

Pigs are one of the most disease-prone animals. They are susceptible to a variety of diseases and parasites, which can be expensive to treat. In addition, pigs can also pass diseases to humans, making them a potential health hazard.

Because pigs are so susceptible to diseases, farmers will often buy healthy pigs from outside sources. 

If you’re keeping a breeding herd, you’ll need to identify healthy stock and make sure that it stays that way with preventative health measures.

As for diseases, try to keep them at bay with vaccinations and good hygiene practices. To minimize your exposure, always wear protective clothing and do a thorough cleaning after contact with sick animals.

9) Weather Dependent Farms

One of the disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria is that it is weather dependent. If the weather is too hot, the pigs will suffer from heat stress and may even die. 

If it’s too cold, they will be more susceptible to diseases. Pigs also need access to clean water, so if there is a drought, it can be difficult to keep them healthy.

To ensure that pigs don’t suffer from heat stress, they should be provided with shade, access to plenty of water, and appropriate food. 

When it’s too cold outside, an electric heater or straw bedding can help. A roof over their shelter will also protect them from rain or snow. 

The farmers should know when their pigs are at risk of developing various conditions and act accordingly to provide what they need for a healthy life.


In general, pigs need special care when exposed to both hot and cold weather. Hope you enjoyed my post on the disadvantages of pig farming in Nigeria.  

In case you are interested in pig farming, I have an interesting post on how to start pig farming in Nigeria. I also have another business post here.

Happy farming!


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