Hollywood Makeovers: Actors who turned into athletes for roles

These athletes – from gawky nerds to dreamy beauties, sweet walkers to chiseled superheroes – have decided to forsake their sports trophies for Tinseltown, sports fans are getting their melbet burundi trophies with their favorite actors. From Allison Reynolds ditching her rough-hewn cosplay for a pink headband in “The Breakfast Club” to Taya Fraser swapping her flannel closet for Cher’s in “Restless,” the transformation scenes never fail to touch our hearts and make us weep with nostalgia for what momentous transformation scenes change lives forever.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell has long portrayed likeable schmucks on screen. However, his performances in both drama Foxcatcher and biographical film The Big Short have demonstrated his range. Steve will star alongside Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo as John du Pont – the wealthy and paranoid schizophrenic responsible for murdering Olympic wrestling champion David Schultz – in the upcoming movie.

But his true skill lies in his ability to turn unlikable characters into compelling ones, something Anchorman demonstrated expertly. In particular, he made Brick Tamland stand out with an unlikable energy that made his performance truly stand out. Since then he has continued making movies that cement his status as one of Hollywood’s premier actors.

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones is a former British professional footballer who has successfully made the leap into acting. With an intimidating presence and unparalleled physicality in his performances, Vinnie stands out as an actor.

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Jones earned himself a hard man reputation due to his aggressive play on both the field and screen, where he often was cast in roles portraying violent criminals or thugs. Yet beneath this intimidating facade lies an incredibly talented actor with a subtler side who has charmed audiences everywhere he went.

Jones has also made his mark on the film industry as a producer. Together with US writer-director Scott Wiper he founded 4G Vision which has developed numerous films since. Most recently they’re currently working together on crime drama The Big Ugly.

Laney Jones

One of the most damaging tropes in rom-coms is that of the helpless nerd girl who must undergo drastic wardrobe and haircut changes before she is worthy of love. From Allison Reynolds in The Breakfast Club getting her grungy mullet chopped off for prom night glamour in The Breakfast Club to Tai Frasier trading her plaid skirt set for Cher-inspired attire in Clueless, these makeovers send a clear message: you won’t deserve respect until you have become perfect Hollywood beauty yourself.

Though these physical transformations may be done well, they never manage to restore a character’s self-worth. Instead, characters must wear their new clothes and makeup with all the same awkwardness that led them into this predicament. Even spectacular transformations like Gracie Hart trading her FBI badge for Miss Congeniality’s sash cannot solve the underlying problem; therefore it is time for more scrutiny on the potential harm done by movie makeover scenes behind rosy cheeks and sparkling dresses.

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Hollywood celebrities are well-known to have access to an army of stylists, makeup artists, personal trainers and nutritionists at their disposal, which allows them to access a vast array of beauty services. Although makeover montage scenes have become movie staples over time, they can have potentially damaging repercussions for impressionable audiences watching their movies.

Hannah Montana or Clueless often depict nerdy characters who undergo dramatic makeovers to become glamorous roles models for young viewers, teaching them that self-worth is determined by how one looks. Unfortunately, this message sends to our youth viewers is that their identity depends solely on physical appearance.

Warm Bodies features one such Hollywood makeover in which R (Nicolas Hoult) undergoes an extraordinary transformation to look human for Julie (Teresa Palmer). His transformation involves dramatic stairs descents and hallway struts before ending with her being visibly impressed.

She’s All That

She’s All That may have come out seventeen years ago, yet its message still reverberates today when we see similar problematic messages in many teen movies.

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She’s All That follows Freddie Prinze Jr. as Zack Siler, an intellectual superstar at his high school who’s dumped by his beloved cheerleader girlfriend (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) for Matthew Lillard (an attractive yet seductive queen bee). To show that Laney Boggs can also be just as attractive, Zack makes her an offer: within six weeks he will transform her into prom queen!

Rachel Leigh Cook rose to stardom with this film. Since then, she’s maintained an active acting career while also initiating a scholarship grant program designed to assist students in realizing their goals. Rachel even made an appearance in Khalid’s music video for “Young Dumb and Broke.”

The Devil Wears Prada

Hollywood cinematic classics often include makeover montages as an iconic cinematic trope, not only because they engage audiences quickly but also because it serves as an effective symbolism of character’s emotional development.

From new hairstyles and wardrobe selections, actors have an arsenal of beauty tools they can employ when portraying characters on-screen. However, some transformations may have adverse outcomes as they promote specific images of beauty which can foster body dissatisfaction and low self-esteem among viewers.

Film industry has made strides toward celebrating diversity, yet many movies still fail when it comes to depicting issues around ethnicity and body type in makeover scenes. Still, some makeovers can be stunning; one such transformation was Harley Quinn in Birds of Prey.


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