Various soccer predictions on the Melbet website

The emergence of sites and branded mobile applications from the bookmaker allows you to place soccer bets instantly, anywhere. All you need to do is to authorize under your personal account at, find the country you are interested in, the tournament and the match in the pre-match section, and then select a suitable event. You can choose according to different criteria – complexity, value, and personal feelings. If you want to win in soccer betting, you will have to better prepare for each individual match and work with the statistics of previous meetings.

If you are just starting your way in soccer predictions for money, first you need to create an account. You must be of legal age and have your own card, through which the process of deposit and withdrawal will take place. The administration makes verification of the provided data within a few tens of minutes. After the notification of successful verification, you get a fully ready account, under which you can authorize on the site and in the mobile application at the same time.

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Categories of soccer predictions on Melbet

There are many directions in soccer predictions, as not everyone works only on top matches and chooses obvious options in the form of winning the favorite. Many users prefer to predict local tournaments on Melbet or only matches of their favorite team. The reason is clear – they know it well. You can take any championship available in the tournament catalog. If you feel confident and have the right outcome in your head, try to see what is available in the live tab.

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The bets themselves from the bookmaker look like this:

  1. Total number of goals, that is, how many goals there will be in regulation time from both teams.
  2. Winner and total on goals, where you have to try and name both the winner and how many goals the teams will score. It is not an easy but high odds prediction.
  3. Bet on game statistics, where there are separate shots and separate kicks in the box, offsides, rule violations.

If the odds on the selected event seem to you not big enough to risk money, you can combine two such events in one express. By multiplying the odds, the coupon will end up with a favorable amount. However, it is necessary that the events in the coupon do not have any losses – you can only get a return at odds of 1. Whole handicaps on the winner or whole totals on statistics work in this way.

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