Why is it more convenient to bet on tennis with the Melbet app?

A bettor requires several skills in order to be successful in sports betting. It is the ability to perform competent analytics and understand the intricacies of a particular sport. The second skill is making a timely choice of bet. If you check the odds on https://Melbet.bj, you will see that the bookmaker adjusts them closer to the start of the match. There is also a factor of what changed before the event and how many bettors bet on a particular event. The odds often drop closer to the match, so you must react quickly when you have an idea for a bet.

It is best to work through the official application, which is distributed free of charge and is available on both major operating systems. The progressive program allows you always to bet, provided you have an Internet connection. If you still need to do so, you can also go there the whole way to register and verify your account from scratch. The application is specially tuned for small smartphone screens and for ease of use with touch controls. Also in its favor is the reaction speed – an essential factor if you bet live.

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Differences in the installation process of the Melbet program

The main difference in the rules for installing a bookmaker’s mobile application lies in the store’s restrictions. There are no such restrictions on iOS, so you can find the Melbet app there by searching or following a link through the bookmaker’s main website. You must go through a longer process if you have an Android smartphone or tablet. You download a separate file with the program because the application store rules prohibit posting such programs for betting and the casino.


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The instructions look like this:

  1. Connect your smartphone to your computer, although you can download it directly.
  2. Download and transfer the required file.
  3. In the settings of your smartphone, remove the ban on installing applications outside the store if you have not already done so.
  4. Find the file in memory and install it.

Then everything is simple – either register or log in with your account. The site uses the same account and balance as the mobile app, so you only need to top up your account once. On your smartphone, you can easily find a section with tennis matches and form any single or express bets. The application reacts instantly and quickly registers your gaming coupon. This is especially important in live betting.

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