What is Conji

What is Conji? Here’s What You Need to Know

What is Conji? Are you new to the word called Conji? Or, maybe you’ve heard of it, but haven’t tried it out yet.

Either way,

I’ve  got a good definition and everything you need to know in order to get sexual urge otherwise known as Conji today. 

What is Conji
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Read on below to learn about what the word means

What is Conji?

Conji otherwise spelt as Konji, is a Nigerian pidgin word that was created in Lagos Nigeria.

Those conversant with goings-on in Lagos are likely to have heard this and other slang phrases frequently. 

A popular saying about Konji goes thus:

If you don’t know what conji is, you don’t know anything. 

If it weren’t for its sexual nature, there would be no reason for anyone to have heard of it. 

It’s actually quite simple: 

your partner keeps nagging you for conji sex and you keep refusing her or him on flimsy grounds.

Like I’m tired, or it will make me too sore, then it means that you do not love your partner anymore.

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Is Conji a normal stuation 

In most cases, conji is a very rare sexual urge that mainly occurs due to a hormonal imbalance.  

People with no medical condition can experience konji, as well.

It has been demonstrated that people who do not have any hormone imbalances or abnormal conditions will also occasionally feel conji in response to certain types of stimuli. 

What are some causes of conji 

The main cause of conji is exposure to a specific stimulus or situation.

This stimulus could be anything, but it often relates to being exposed to an individual who you find sexually attractive and would like to pursue a relationship with.

Symptoms of Conji 

The most common sign of conji is a strong sexual urge that cannot be controlled.

In extreme cases, people suffering from conji may lose control over their bodies and engage in risky behavior such as intercourse with multiple partners or excessive masturbation.

Sexual activity can trigger symptoms of conji, so those affected are advised to avoid situations where they might be tempted to have sex, such as romantic dates or gatherings with large groups of friends.

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How To Treat Conji 

There are various ways you can use to cool down your lustful cravings, like hitting the gym, working, or enjoying other pursuits outside the house.

Get tense?

Go for a walk, visit with a friend, do something else. 

When you are going through sexual urge otherwise known as Conji don’t rush for sex. 

It can occur spontaneously just be careful , so keep an open mind to the idea by carving out some time every week to make love with your partner. 

If you have one and if you don’t then you can help yourself to the motel. 

This way, you have a good chance to that unbearable sexual urge.

There’s even an option of pretending you are sick at work in your office at lunchtime so you can be given freedom to go meet your lover for an hour or two. 

The Conji feeling is a powerful feeling that takes over our mind and body when we are sexually attracted to someone. 

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It’s more than just sexual desire, it’s actually a hormone called dopamine which floods our brain and makes us feel excited and exhilarated as well as giving us energy and motivation.


Conji has been around for  a very long time, but it was not always known as Konji. 

The urge in name and popularity from social media users, it is becoming increasingly common. 

If you’re an adult male who is concerned about your sexual urges and interested in something more satisfying than a wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am encounter with a bar pickup.

Then konji is definitely something you have take note of and treat it immediately.

Whether you prefer physical or digital encounters (or both), there are plenty of ways for you to express your sexual urges safely and without shame you can always go to a motel.

It’s also worth noting that konji offers access to an online community, which means you have access to people who share similar interests as well as common issues.



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