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I’ve become a casual soccer fan and want to start following a team and/or player. Is a good resource? That is the subject this article is going to address and explain why. After all you have to start somewhere and figure out where you are going to start. So generally, the first thig you want to do when following a sport? Find out who the dominant players are and start to get a feel for who the various teams are as well.


Too find out you can talk to some of your friends who are already more “hardcore” in following soccer. At a bare minimum the people that you can listen to should have a basic knowledge as to who the teams are, who the best players are and have a feeling as to who is dominant and who is not. Once you’ve talked to your friend, assuming they are a good fan they should have basic knowledge of the best teams, players and statistics. Now it’s time get more specific on the reasons,


Easy way to stay engaged

With sites like or any other betting site it is easy to stay engaged with the teams and players. Why? Within only a couple of clicks you can get access to pretty much any player you want. If there is someone injured on a certain day, you can get the injury report or quite simply look up who is starting a match on a certain day. Should that casual fan decide they want to start betting has a number of things that can be bet on other than just the game.

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Some options of betting on include the first half score, the second half score and a double score. also has some recommended things that you can bet on that you are likely to win, something not seen on all sites.


Can enhance your ability to create good conversation with people who intensely enjoy football

Do you have a lot of friends who enjoy football and wish you could learn more but don’t know how? While it would still be recommended you watched some time watching matches as well it can help enhance your understanding of what your looking at on the field. So what exactly can you learn by going to You can find out the stats of any specific player, you can also find out the records that you can point out while also finding out if they are hurt or are revving up to start in the next game. Are there any other reasons I should use for my football needs? You bet and no pun is not intended. The next cool thing about the only does football 

Because only does football, while it is a new site, it will have more resources to go toward football versus other sites and as the site grows it could naturally have more resources over time. For you can find a number of leagues which are mostly throughout Europe and throughout about 30 countries.

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If your following a team and fall behind you can easily find out who they are doing

Have you been extremely busy for the last week and just haven’t had a chance to check the score? By simply clicking on one of the games that your favored team is playing in you can automatically find out how your team is doing over the last eight games for each team and there is also some color coding. If a team wins, then the referred game is in black, it’s a loss it’s in red and if it’s gray then the game is a draw. Here is an example as to what exactly that looks like.

Easy to find out how well a certain player is doing stat wise

While you truly can only find out whether or not a player is playing well over on a certain stretch, you can also study their stats to get an idea. Some stats that yo can find out from are goals, dribbles, passes, shots, duels and tackles. In order to find out the players stats, which you would want to do is to click on lineups, player static and then the player that you want to find out about.

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Easy to find out about how team is doing

As has already been pointed you can find out how well a team has been doing recently, simply by clicking on one of their games. If you want to get more insight into who might win a certain game then you can also learn about past matchups, more in depth than simply whether or not they won or lost. If you click on the past matchups link it will show the score of the past several games. ‘


If that’s not good enough you can also click on the head to head history to see how well the team’s have fared against each other in the past and if you want to get an even better idea, if you choose the appropriate country you can also find out about the season’s won/loss record and how many points your team is ahead or behind for the season.

So onto the question of whether or not is really worth following? Considering all of the ways you can bet learn about the game the answer is inevitably yes.



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