What is Catch Wrestling?

Catch wrestling is a style of combat sport that has a really rich history. The 1xbet.com.gh online betting website also has a great section dedicated to wrestling and other combat sports too. Also known as “catch-as-catch-can” wrestling, it originally emerged in Britain during the late 1800s. Later, in the early 20th century, the sport crossed the Atlantic towards the United States, where it began to enjoy huge fame.

The sport varies quite a lot from other forms of wrestling. Matches of this discipline take place around the concept of “catching” an opponent, which must be kept in a compromising position. After that, a series of techniques can be used to pin the opponent to the ground or submit him, such as:

  • holds;
  • locks;
  • and submissions.
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A sport where anything goes

Unlike other forms of combat sports, catch wrestling is quite relaxed when it comes to its rules. This means that this discipline is actually quite unforgiving and aggressive. Several moves can be used that are forbidden in other sports, like joint locks. This is because, if not used properly, can cause serious injuries to the opponents. You are invited to visit 1xBet – best WWE bet can be made on the best wrestlers from the entire world.

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Another thing where catch wrestling differs from its siblings is its scoring system. Here points aren’t given for performing a certain move. It is either you win or lose the match by pinning, submitting, or by being pinned or submitted, there is no middle ground. This makes this sport more straightforward, aggressive, and strategic. Now the best WWE bet awaits you at 1xBet, where different moves and techniques employed by different wrestlers can be wagered too.

Influence of this sport

The influence of catch wrestling can be seen in the modern MMA. In fact, many of the techniques used there can trace their origins to catch wrestling, with the most frequently used ones being joint locks and chokeholds. Visit now the website http://1xbet.com.gh/mobile, where you will be able to wager on the MMA from the comfort of your mobile devices too.

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Some notable MMA fighters with a background in catch wrestling include Kazushi Sakuraba, known as “The Gracie Hunter,” and Josh Barnett, a former UFC Heavyweight Champion. Both of them have showcased the effectiveness of catch wrestling in high-level MMA competitions. If you want to wager on the most important names of the great MMA, you can visit now the 1xBet website and enjoy the whole section dedicated to it.


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