How did Medieval Football work?

Medieval football, also known as “mob football”, was nothing like what you see today. Imagine entire villages clashing in a free-for-all match where the rules were, well, there weren’t many rules to speak of. At this moment you can go to 1xBet – your online sport bet in Nigeria is available for placing wagers on modern football games too.

First off, the number of players. Today there are 11 players on each of the 2 teams that play. However, in medieval football, the number of players was basically whatever number of people decided to show up for the match. If you have a favorite football team, now you can make your online sports bet in 1xBet Nigeria on it too.

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We’re talking potentially hundreds of folks on each side. It was less of a game and more of a massive, chaotic event.

A completely chaotic game

The playing field wasn’t a neatly marked pitch but rather the streets of a town, a field, or sometimes the space between 2 villages. The goals could be a couple of kilometers. Imagine hoofing it over hills, through streams, and across fields just to score a goal. All punters can enjoy 1xBet live stream and see how their favorite players score goals too.

The ball was another story. Forget about the nice, air-filled synthetic balls of today. We’re talking about a pig’s bladder, sometimes encased in leather, which was inflated and used as the ball.

Regarding the rules, well, there weren’t many written rules. It is possible for you to enjoy the 1xBet live streamings and see the modern rules of football in action.

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The game was more about getting the ball to the goal (which could be anything from a pair of sticks to a notable landmark) by any means necessary. This often included:

  • wrestling;
  • pushing;
  • and shoving.

It was rough and tumble to the extreme.

Very big events

The games themselves were major events, often coinciding with significant festivals like Shrovetide. These matches could attract hundreds, sometimes even thousands of participants. A great option is to wager on virtual sports, and at you will find lots of options too.

Regarding injuries, with so little in the way of rules, and so many people involved, it wasn’t unusual for matches to get pretty intense. We’re talking broken bones and even, in some extreme cases, fatalities.

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Interestingly, authorities weren’t big fans of these games. There were numerous attempts to ban football due to its violent nature and the disruption it caused. For example, King Edward II banned it in 1314, concerned about the social disorder it brought and the distraction it caused from archery practice. This was crucial for national defense. If you want to wager on modern football, your best choice is available at the 1xBet site.


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