3 Aviator Clones to Check Out Today

Few game studios can take pride in launching a “genre-defining” title. Spribe, the Ukrainian casino software developer, is one of them: their “Aviator” became a sleeper hit, taking the world by storm and spawning a brand new casino game category: crash games.

This year, a series of game developers and studios have launched their take on the format. In this article, we’ll look at the best alternatives for the Aviator game South Africa offers.


JetX is little more than an Aviator with fancier skin. Launched by Smartsoft Gaming, the game has the same format as the original – a plane taking its flight.

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But JetX is not a clone – it’s the original. Spribe launched its Aviator in 2019, whereas Smartsoft released its own almost a year before. The simplified interface of Spribe’s game seemed the secret to success.


A 1Win exclusive, RocketX may look familiar to space enthusiasts. Aside from the X in the title, its rocket and the guy clinging to it as it ascends may be recognizable. But the most important giveaway is the red sports car with a space suit at the wheel that the rocket passes at one point.

The game has the same simple premise: cash out before the rocket explodes.


Another crash game we loved is ThunderCrash. It is especially appealing for oldtimer geeks due to its “cyberpunk” look and feel reminiscent of Tron. It’s a retro space-themed crash game with a lot of neon, a low-poly aesthetic, and a unique atmosphere among the many similar games.

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Space XY

BGaming has several popular casino games, with SpaceXY standing out as one of their simplest titles. It has the visuals you’ve gotten used to with Aviator – not exactly the same, mind you. It has the same mechanics and format, making it as familiar as possible. Overall, it’s a good addition to the online casino world and an alternative for sites where Aviator is unavailable.


Finally, here’s one of the big names take on crash gambling: Pragmatic Play’s “Spaceman”. The protagonist may look familiar to those who have tried Bomberman in the past. The main difference between Spaceman and other crash games is the graphics – it is fancier than most – and the fact that it only takes one bet at a time. Still, it’s a welcome addition, bringing crash gambling into more mainstream casinos as well.

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It’s not unusual for successful games to spawn clones – games that copy its format and mechanics. This was the case of JetX, which spawned one of the most successful casino games of the year – Aviator – and countless others that bring crash gambling within our reach.


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