how to remove card from sportybet

How to Remove Card from SportyBet

SportyBet allows users to deposit funds using payment cards in order to bet on sports events. However, you may want to remove your card details from SportyBet for security or if you no longer use the service.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how to fully delete and remove your saved debit or credit card information from your SportyBet account. By the end, you’ll know the necessary steps to unlink your card.

Understanding Card Storage on SportyBet

When making your first deposit to SportyBet, you’ll be prompted to enter details of the card you wish to use including:

– Card number
– Expiry date
– CVV security code

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SportyBet will save an encrypted version of your card to make future deposits faster and more convenient. You won’t have to re-enter your information each time.

However, for privacy or when no longer using the platform, you may want to delete any card information they have stored. Now let’s look at how to remove it.

Removing Card From SportyBet Website

If you added your card via SportyBet’s website, follow these steps to remove it:

1. Login to your SportyBet account on the website.
2. Click on “My Account” and select “Banking”.
3. Under Card Payment, click “Remove” next to the card you want to delete.
4. Confirm removal on the popup notification.

The card details will now be deleted from your SportyBet payment options. You can add it again in the future if needed.

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Removing Card From SportyBet Mobile App

If your card was added on the SportyBet iOS or Android app:

1. Tap your account icon in the app and select “My Wallets”.
2. Tap “Card” under payment options.
3. Tap the trash can icon next to the card you want to remove.
4. Confirm deletion of the card from SportyBet.

This will permanently delete the card details from the mobile app after your confirmation.

Adding a New Card to SportyBet

Once your old card is removed, you can add a new one by:

1. Going to the Banking page on the website or My Wallets in the app.
2. Clicking/tapping “Add Card”.
3. Entering your new card details when prompted.

Verifying a Card is Deleted

To confirm your card was properly deleted from SportyBet:

– Try to make a deposit and verify your card doesn’t appear.
– Check bank statements to confirm no further SportyBet charges.
– Contact SportyBet customer support to validate removal.

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Security Risks of Storing Card Details

Some potential risks of having your card stored on SportyBet include:

– Unauthorized charges if your account is compromised by a hacker.

– Ability for someone to deposit funds from your card if accessing your unlocked device.

– General security vulnerabilities of having card data saved in too many places.

– Ongoing linked to SportyBet even if you delete your account.


SportyBet allows easy removal of your linked card information through the website or mobile app settings. Following the outlined steps will permanently delete your card details from their secure systems.

This is recommended when no longer using SportyBet or for general financial privacy and security.

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