Can Hair Relaxer Kill Lice

Can Hair Relaxer Kill Lice? Answers

Lice are a very common problem, especially among children. When they find these tiny, annoying bugs in their hair, many people wonder if hair relaxer can get rid of lice. 

This post will talk about whether or not using hair relaxer to get rid of lice is effective and safe. 

By the end, you’ll know more about whether hair relaxer really can kill lice and what precautions you should take.

What Are Lice?

Before talking about how well hair relaxer might work as a lice treatment, it’s important to know what lice are and how they get into people’s hair. 

Lice are small bugs that live mostly on the scalp and feed on blood. 

They can be passed from person to person through close contact or by sharing personal items like combs, hats, or pillows.

Lice infestations are very uncomfortable and itchy. Most of the time, the itching is caused by an allergy to the saliva of the lice. 

Scratching the scalp can cause secondary bacterial infections, which need to be treated as soon as possible.


The Myth and the Science

Over time, a myth has grown up that harsh chemicals found in hair relaxer can kill lice effectively. 

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But it’s important to be sceptical about this claim and put scientific evidence first.

Hair relaxers are made to change the chemical structure of the hair. This is mostly done to straighten curly or textured hair.  

While hair relaxers do contain strong chemicals, such as sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide, they are not designed or approved for killing lice.


The Ineffectiveness of Hair Relaxers on Lice

Lice have become very resistant to many chemicals, which makes it hard to get rid of them. 

The main goal of hair relaxers is to change the shape of the hair shaft, not to kill lice or their eggs (nits). 

Hair relaxers don’t have any ingredients that are known to kill lice or keep them away.

Some people have said that lice fell out after using hair relaxer, but this is probably because the hair relaxer changed the way the hair felt, making it hard for lice to stick to the strands. 

But this does not guarantee that all lice and their eggs will be gone.

Alternative Treatments for Lice Infestations

Given the ineffectiveness of hair relaxers as a standalone treatment for lice, it’s important to explore alternative treatments that have been scientifically proven to be effective:

Over-the-Counter (OTC) Lice Treatments

Most over-the-counter lice treatments, like pyrethrins or permethrin, have chemicals that are made to kill lice. 

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To get the best results, it’s important to carefully follow the directions and do the treatment as many times as suggested.

Manual Removal

Lice are most often removed manually, which is a method that is both common and effective. 

This method requires running a fine-toothed comb through the hair in order to remove nits and lice. This type of comb is commonly referred to as a nit comb.  

Regular combing sessions are necessary to ensure all lice and nits are removed.

Prescription Medications

In more severe cases or cases that are resistant to OTC treatments, a healthcare professional may prescribe stronger prescription medications to combat the lice infestation. 

These medications are often more potent and may require careful usage and monitoring.


Does Dettol Kill Lice?

Dettol is a common liquid antiseptic that can be used for many things, but many people worry about how well it kills lice.

Even though Dettol has antimicrobial properties, it was not made to kill lice. 

Even though it may temporarily stun or kill lice, it is not a good way to get rid of an infestation for good. 

Instead of just using Dettol, it’s better to use treatments that have been shown to work.

Can Onions Kill Hair Lice?

Because onions may kill insects, they are often suggested as a natural way to get rid of lice.

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There isn’t a lot of scientific evidence to back up the idea that onions can kill lice. 

Even though onions have sulphur compounds that may keep lice away, they are not likely to completely get rid of an infestation. 

It is best to consider alternative treatments with proven efficacy.

Can Spirit Kill Lice?

Spirit, like rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit, is a common household item that some people think can kill lice.

Spirit has drying properties that may temporarily stop lice from moving, but it is not a good way to get rid of lice for good. 

Also, putting spirit on the scalp can irritate and damage the skin. 

It is important to focus on the safe and effective treatments that doctors and nurses recommend.


In conclusion, hair relaxer might kill lice, but it’s not a safe or reliable way to get rid of lice. 

The harsh chemicals in hair relaxers can hurt the scalp and hair in a lot of ways.

Also, there are a lot of effective and safer ways to treat lice, such as over-the-counter products and home remedies. 

Before trying to get rid of lice on your own, you should talk to a doctor or licenced cosmetologist. They can give you personalised advice on the best way to proceed. 

Let’s focus on safe and effective ways to get rid of lice and avoid the possible risks of hair relaxers.


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