how to generate receipt on opay

How to Generate Receipt on OPay

OPay offers a fast and easy way to send and receive funds, pay bills, and more all through your mobile device. However, you may need receipts for your OPay transactions for record keeping.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explain how to easily generate and export receipts for payments and other transactions performed through OPay. By the end, you’ll know the necessary steps to get receipts from the OPay platform.

Understanding OPay Transaction Receipts

When you make payments, transfer funds, or conduct other transactions through OPay, a receipt is automatically generated with details of:

– Type of transaction (payment, funds transfer, airtime purchase, etc)
– Amount, date, time, and other specifics
– Status showing whether it was successful
– Breakdown of any fees deducted
– Recipient details for transfers or merchant for payments

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Having this transaction receipt is useful for your records and tracking OPay payments. Now let’s go over how to access and export these.

How to Generate Receipt on OPay

To find and generate receipts for your OPay transactions:

1. Open the OPay app and go to transaction history.

2. Tap on the specific transaction you need a receipt for.

3. Tap on the Share icon in the top right corner.

4. Choose to share the receipt as a PDF file.

5. The PDF receipt will be automatically generated with all transaction details.

6. You can then save or share this PDF copy of the OPay receipt as needed.

This provides an easy way to get digital copies of receipts for your payments, transfers, and other OPay transactions right from the app.

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Emailing OPay Receipts to Yourself

To get receipts via email for better record keeping:

1. Follow the same steps above to generate the receipt PDF.

2. Choose to share the PDF via email instead of saving directly.

3. Email the PDF receipt to yourself or whoever needs the transaction records.

This provides a convenient way to get OPay receipts organized through your email inbox. Just search for the emails whenever you need to reference past receipts.

Downloading Receipts in Bulk

If you need receipts for multiple OPay transactions at once:

1. Go to the overall transaction history tab first.

2. Tap the 3-dot menu icon in the top right corner.

3. Choose “Download all receipts” to batch generate PDFs of all receipts.

4. View and share these bulk receipts from your device files.

This gives you an easy one-stop way to gather receipts for all your OPay transactions rather than individually.

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Receipt Verification Tips
To ensure validity when dealing with receipts:

– Carefully verify transaction details like the recipient, amount paid, and date/time align with your own recollection.

– Watch for any signs of editing, inconsistencies, or formatting issues.

– Match the OPay receipts against your bank statements for third-party confirmation.

Security Risks of Digital Receipts

Some risks associated with digital receipts include:

– Potential editing or falsification if receipts are tampered with.

– Fake receipts created from scratch to support fraudulent activities.

– Interception of receipts during email delivery or digital storage.

– Accidental disclosure of sensitive personal details shown.


OPay makes accessing official receipts for your transactions easy through shareable PDFs right in the app. Use the steps outlined here to generate, organize, and verify receipts as needed for personal or business records.

With proper receipt tracking, you can document your OPay transaction activity.


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