how to delete transaction history on moniepoint pos

How to Delete Transaction History on MoniePoint POS

MoniePoint POS by Wema Bank allows Nigerian small businesses to accept payments from customers via POS terminals. As transaction activity builds up, merchants may want to delete older records for privacy or organization.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explain how to fully remove your MoniePoint POS transaction history from the merchant portal. By the end, you’ll know the necessary steps to clear old transaction logs.

Understanding MoniePoint POS Transaction History

When you process payments, refunds, and other transactions through your MoniePoint POS terminal, the transaction history keeps a log of:

– Date, time, amount, reference ID and status of each payment
– Details like card type, masked card number, currency, etc
– Any refunds, adjustments or reversals performed
– Any settlement batches closed out

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This activity feed provides helpful records of your POS transactions. But over time, clearing out older logs can be beneficial for privacy and system organization.

Now let’s look at how to delete these.

How to Delete Transaction History on MoniePoint POS

To delete your MoniePoint POS transaction history:

1. Login to the MoniePoint Merchant Portal using your provided credentials.

2. Go to Transaction History under the Transactions section.

3. Apply any filters for date ranges or other criteria to isolate transactions to delete.

4. Check the boxes next to the specific transactions you want to delete.

5. Click the Delete button to permanently remove the selected transaction logs.

6. Confirm the deletion in the popup.

This allows you to selectively delete your older settled transactions to clear space and enhance privacy. Make sure not to remove any unsettled batches.

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Deleting Settled Batches in Settlements Section

In addition to individual transactions, you can delete entire settled batches:

1. Go to Settlements in the Merchant Portal.

2. Find closed batches that have fully settled to your bank account.

3. Click the Delete icon next to the batch to remove the entire group of transactions.

4. Confirm batch deletion to permanently erase its transaction contents.

This allows bulk deletion of transactions from completely settled batches. Just be cautious not to remove unsettled batches.

Exporting Transaction History Before Deleting

Before deleting any transactions or batches, you may want to export the data for your records:

1. Apply any filters to isolate the transactions you intend to delete.

2. Click the Export button to download a CSV file of the transaction details.

3. Save this CSV to preserve a permanent copy of the transaction history.

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4. Then return and delete the filtered transactions as intended.

This lets you retain a copy of the transaction data for your accounting needs before removal from the system.

Risks of Accumulated Transaction History

Some risks of accumulating extensive MoniePoint POS transaction history include:

– Performance lag as the database grows larger over time.

– Security vulnerabilities if older records remain available.

– Difficulty finding or reviewing relevant transactions.

– Privacy concerns if sensitive data remains accessible.

– Limited storage space on the platform over long periods.


The MoniePoint Merchant Portal provides the ability to selectively clear your POS transaction history for better privacy and system organization.

Make sure to only delete fully settled batches and consider exporting details before deletion. With a proper deletion strategy, you can optimize transaction logging.


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