How to Identify an Original oraimo 27000mAh Power Bank

In the market flooded with counterfeit products, it can be challenging to differentiate between genuine and fake items. 

One such product that has faced the issue of counterfeiting is the oraimo 27000mAh power bank. 

The popularity of this power bank has led to an influx of fake versions, making it crucial for consumers to know how to identify an original oraimo 27000mAh power bank. 

In this post, we will guide you through the various methods and features that can help you determine the authenticity of your oraimo power bank.

Purchase from Authorized Sources

The first step in ensuring that you are purchasing an original oraimo 27000mAh power bank is to buy it from authorized sources. oraimo has an official e-shop and approved dealers where you can find their genuine products. 

Avoid purchasing from unauthorized retailers or suspicious online platforms, as these are more likely to sell counterfeit oraimo power banks.

Check for Authentic Packaging

When buying an oraimo 27000mAh power bank, pay close attention to the packaging. 

Counterfeit products often have poor quality packaging with misspelled words, blurry images, or inconsistent colors. 

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Genuine oraimo power banks come in well-designed packaging, with clear and crisp branding.

 Look for any signs of tampering or damage to the packaging, as this could indicate a fake product.

how to know original oraimo 27000mah power bank

Verify the Serial Number

Each oraimo 27000mAh power bank comes with a unique serial number.

 To verify the authenticity of your power bank, visit the official oraimo website and enter the serial number on the authentication page.

The website will inform you if the power bank is genuine or counterfeit. Counterfeit products often have fake or invalid serial numbers, so this is a reliable method to determine the authenticity of your oraimo power bank.

Examine the Build Quality

Original oraimo power banks are known for their high-quality build and sturdy construction. 

Counterfeit products, on the other hand, may have poor build quality, with loose or unevenly aligned components. 

Check for any signs of shoddy craftsmanship, such as rough edges, cheap materials, or loose buttons. 

Genuine oraimo power banks are designed to withstand everyday use and should feel solid and well-made in your hands.

Look for 2Baba’s Image and Signature

A unique feature of genuine oraimo 27000mAh power banks is the inclusion of 2Baba’s image and signature. 

Before purchasing, ensure that the power bank you are considering has 2Baba’s photo and signature.

Note that not all of them has the signature, if yours doesn’t have, that doesn’t make it fake. It’s probably an older version.

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Counterfeit products often lack this feature or have poorly printed images, allowing you to easily identify them as fake.

Check for the Verification Number

Another way to identify an original oraimo 27000mAh power bank is by checking for the verification number. 

Genuine oraimo power banks have a 16-digit code located on the back or side of the device. 

Visit the official oraimo website and enter the verification number on the authentication page to confirm the authenticity of your power bank. 

If the code is invalid or unrecognized, it is likely that you have a counterfeit product.

Ensure Proper Warranty Coverage

Original oraimo 27000mAh power banks come with a warranty period ranging from 6 to 12 months.

Authorized retailers and the oraimo e-shop provide warranty coverage for their genuine products. Before making a purchase, inquire about the warranty period and the terms and conditions associated with it. 

Counterfeit products often lack warranty coverage or offer limited or non-existent after-sales support.

Seek Assistance from Carlcare Service Centers

To further enhance customer experience and provide support, oraimo has partnered with Carlcare to offer world-class service solutions. 

If you have any issues with your oraimo 27000mAh power bank, visit a Carlcare service center for product inspections, replacements, or warranty claims. 

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These service centers are equipped to handle genuine oraimo products and can assist you in resolving any concerns you may have.

Compare Prices and Deals

Counterfeit products are often priced significantly lower than genuine oraimo power banks. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

Compare the prices of different retailers and online platforms to get an idea of the average market price for an oraimo 27000mAh power bank. 

Avoid purchasing from sellers offering heavily discounted prices, as they are more likely to be selling counterfeit products.

Stay Informed and Educated

The best defense against counterfeit products is knowledge. Stay informed about the latest features, packaging, and authentication methods used by oraimo for their 27000mAh power banks. 

Follow official oraimo social media accounts and regularly visit their website for updates on how to identify genuine products. 

By staying educated, you can protect yourself from falling victim to counterfeiters.


When purchasing an oraimo 27000mAh power bank, it is essential to be aware of the telltale signs of counterfeit products. 

By following the steps mentioned above, such as buying from authorized sources, verifying the serial number, examining the build quality, and checking for unique features like 2Baba’s image and signature, you can ensure that you are purchasing an original oraimo power bank. 

Remember to stay vigilant and informed to protect yourself from counterfeit products and enjoy the benefits of an authentic oraimo 27000mAh power bank.


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