Top 5 Apps that Allows you convert airtime to cash.

Ever tried to convert airtime to cash and you get cheated? That was because you used the wrong apps or platforms. If you don’t know why people convert airtime to cash, I had a friend that mistakenly recharged N15000 airtime instead of N1500, he tried selling them but he couldn’t so he used some platforms that help convert airtime to cash. We will be discussing some of the platforms in today’s article. In case you missed my helpful post on How To Stop MTN From Deducting Your Airtime. So with further ado let’s get started.


Patricia is popularly known for selling and trading gift cards and bitcoin currently, it currently has over 10k + downloads on Google play with a juicy review, also helps in the conversion of airtime to cash. Their conversion rate is highly reasonable and that’s why they made it to this very first place. Let’s say you want to convert airtime worth N1000 to cash, Patricia will pay you N800 which I think it’s cool.

Apart from their conversion rate, the UI/UX design of their mobile app is one of the best and they respond rate to customers. You still don’t believe they deserve this first place? Below is a screenshot of user reviews on Google Play. So what are you waiting for? Start using Patricia now, all you just have to do is download Patricia mobile app and you are on the go.


Aimtoget is an airtime processing platform that allows you to convert airtime to cash instantly. They credit users instantly. Its current conversion rate is cool though. You get 75% and the company gets 25%. Let’s say you are converting airtime you get 750 while Aimtoget takes N250.

You can also buy airtime, data bundles, pay bills, send and receive money through the platform. Aimtoget also makes it easy for businesses to accept payments in the form of airtime on their websites. Aimtoget works on both websites and mobile app, but their mobile app will make the conversion easier. You can download Aimtoget mobile app from the play store.


Airtimeflip to me seems to be the best because its conversion rate is cool and friendly, it isn’t as fast as the other platform, that’s why it’s ranked third on our list. Though they boast being the fastest airtime converters in Nigeria with 99% automated transaction, from users review I think they deserve the third on this list.

Airtimeflip conversion defers by the Telecommunication network you are trying to convert it airtime to cash. MTN seems to be the cheapest on Airtimeflip. They charge 19% for converting MTN airtime to cash. Let’s say you are trying to convert MTN airtime of about N1000, you get N810 and the take the other 190. Isn’t that cool? You can download their mobile app from the play store or visit their website here


I am sure you are surprised Cheetahpay made it to the fourth position, that’s because they have a particular feature other platforms don’t have. Cheetahpay allows users to convert airtime pin to cash. Let’s say you have a recharge card of N1000, you can just input the code to them and you get paid N800 because they charge 20%. I think that’s cheap for such a service.


Zoranga is a Nigerian mobile money service that converts airtime to cash and caters to merchants (businesses) apart from catering for individuals. This means your business can accept airtime payments with Zoranga. Zoranga is one of the best out of the platform to convert airtime to cash. You can visit their website or download their mobile app from play store.


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