Andriod Development Course

Importance of Andriod Development Course in 2022

Andriod Operating System is open-source and most popular of all the mobile is developed by Google Inc. By 2014, Andriod operating system had more than one billion active users and its development was amazing. It’s about 67% market share of worldwide smartphone sales.

At present many companies such as Samsung, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, HTC, Micromax use Andriod Operating System. Their mobile phones have been able to take a large market share from Apple Inc. because of the operating system’s features and open-source properties.

In recent years it is observed that most of the students prefer courses related to Andriod development rather than any other Operating System. There are many reasons for this situation. The primary reason is the huge popularity Andriod enjoyed in the market. Other reasons include high job opportunities and high pay levels with high demand.

The main objective of writing this article is to make people aware of Andriod development course and its importance in the future. After going through the whole article you will come to know about the Andriod development course, its demand in the market, and the benefits of learning Andriod development.

What is Andriod?

Android is an open-source software stack created for mobile devices which are used for creating applications. It is used in most mobile devices even Samsung, Motorola, and others use this operating system in their devices.

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For example: In a cell phone when you press a software key, Andriod will provide a list of items related to that key which you can select from them to do some other task. Every item present in the list is an Application.

Why Andriod Development?

Now it is clear that Andriod development will give you good job opportunities in the future. Apart from this, students also like to learn this course because of many reasons. They include:

1) Adaptability with high demand and companies’ requirement

2) Open-source operating system which is free for all

3) High market share which ensures good job opportunities in future

4) More mobile devices are using Andriod Operating System.

Therefore learning Andriod development will help you to learn more about it and its features, thereby providing a better understanding of the mobile devices.

Why it is important?

In the coming years, the Andriod operating system will be used in most mobile devices. It is a huge market and its demand has been increasing with passing time. With all these features, it becomes essential for students to learn Andriod development courses because the future of android developers seems bright.

Even if we consider the demand and market of Andriod then we can say that the learning Andriod development course is really very helpful for students. There will be high demand for Andriod developers in coming years and they get huge salary packages too.

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How to learn?

The best way for learning Andriod development is online and offline classes. You can join any institute or take a certificate course in Andriod development. Apart from this, if you don’t want to go for real classes then keep reading the following points which will help you to learn Andriod development without attending any class:

1) Join any social network such as Facebook or Google+ where Andriod developers share their experiences and give a lot of information about Andriod development.

2) You can read books related to Andriod development which will help you increase your vocabulary. This way you have to learn new things every day and the learning process becomes more interesting.

Job opportunity in the future:

We all know that Andriod is an open-source operating system. Students who are learning Andriod development will get more job opportunities in the future because of this reason.

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Almost every mobile company uses Andriod operating system in their mobile devices and many other companies use its key features in their software’s which require Andriod developers for its efficient functionality.

As mentioned earlier, Andriod development course is now in very high demand and the job opportunities are also increasing with this. In the coming years, it will become a need to learn Andriod development as it is expected that most of the mobile devices will use the Andriod operating system. This way, the Andriod development course is very important for students.

Developer’s salary in future:

Now, this point will make you more optimistic about the Andriod development course. Salary packages of Andriod developers are very high when compared to any other field. With time, the demand of Andriod developers has been increasing and most of the companies are willing to pay huge salary packages for Andriod developers.

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To summarize, it can be said that learning Andriod development will prove most beneficial for students in the future. Because most of the mobile devices are using Andriod operating system and you can learn its key features by learning the Andriod development course. If you want to get good job opportunities in the future then learning Andriod development is the best choice for you.


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