How To create Android Apps For Free without Coding

Nowadays, App development seems to be among of the lucrative business which nigerians tend to invest on. Some people abandoned programming because the felt it was hard, is it really hard? Today on NaijaCloud we are going to look into a simple method to create apps for free without coding. It’s free, Yes it’s free. In case you missed my post on How to Stop Users From Adding You to WhatsApp Groups,  you can quickly check that out. So without much Ado let’s dive in.


  • Android phone / PC
  • Zero coding skill required
  • Stable internet connection
  • Android 5+

How To Create  Apps For Free Without Coding

For today’s tutorial we will be making use of Appsgeyser, Appsgeyser has many feature will includes; 30 seconds to create an app, don’t wait, You can build an app without any special skills, More than 70 free templates to get creative and many among others. So if you are really serious about creating an app without coding, follow the steps below.

⇒ Open in a new Tab or better still tap it.

⇔ You will redirected to their home page where you can see moderate informations about them.

⇒ Locate “Create App” and tap it. It should redirect you to a page where you can select the type of app you really want’

⇒ Let assume you choose to make a Quiz app You will ask to type some banks of question, the name of the app and finally it’s icon.

⇒ You can edit the apps to your taste or making it spicy. Changing the color to your brands taste or favourite colour.

⇒ After successfully completing the app, you can download it, test it and share with friends.

⇒ You will be given a one time offer to upload your app on Google play store so your chance of getting download will be high. Appsgeyser also helps in monetization, that means you get paid for each users who navigate your app. Isn’t that cool? Yes it is

Few App appsgeyser Can Assist You With

  • Conversion of Website into mobile App
    Business Website
  • Convert your affiliate or referral url into mobile App Affiliate or Referral Link
  • Convert your blog into mobile app
  • Create app from offline content
  • Convert HTML code into mobile app
    HTML Code
  • Use keywords or RSS to create News App
  • Convert PDF into mobile app
    PDF Tab
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