TV Remote Control Not Working, How To Fix It

TV Remote Control Not Working, How To Fix It

Hello an welcome back to the blog, today we are going to look at TV Remote Control Not Working, How To Fix It .

I’ve fixed a lot of broken controllers, and most of the time they can be rectified. 

Getting a programmable remote is one way to solve the problem, but you might not like the utility and  placement of the keys. 

As you get to keep your familiar remote control, fixing your remote should make you feel more satisfied. 

Common problems include corroded battery terminals and a few buttons that don’t operate at all.

Frequently fastens are malfunctioning because of a small amount of dirt particles that your colleagues sticky hands have accumulated over the years? 

TV Remote Control Not Working, How To Fix It 

Opening the coverings is typically the most difficult repair. To mend a TV remote, you don’t need to have  much experience in gadget repair. 

Additionally, it is completely safe because using batteries to operate  makes receiving an electric shock impossible. 

TV Remote Control Not Working, How To Fix It

Use An Advanced Camera To Test Your Distance 

Take a close check at your batteries before buying new ones. 

When your batteries are in wonderful shape,  you can use a computerized camera to test them by activating the buttons, turning the camera on, and  emphasizing the infrared drive. 

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If the remote is operating, a red light should be visible. If no light appears,  the remote is obviously dead and needsreplacement; however, keep trying and move on to the next step. 

Open The Controller  

However, there is a trick or a few gets. Remove any screws you found. Sometimes screws may be hidden  by a sticker or elastic foot. 

This is the second step you need to know on TV Remote Control Not Working, How To Fix It 

There are frequently no screws at all; instead, the plastic gets covered up, so  you have to be shrewd to open it without damaging the case, you have to do that gently. 

To click the  covers open, utilize a level object that is obscure. This is frequently a test, although it shouldn’t be too  challenging. 

Since you are using a computerized camera, you should accept photos of the disassembly so that  reassembly will be simpler.  

Take A Photo Of Every Stage So You Recall How To Re-Collect 

Since you are using a computerized camera, you should agree to taking pictures of the disassembling so  that reassembling will be simpler. 

Separate Everything

Have you taken a picture of the keypad layout? The keys on the keypad occasionally fall off like pieces of  a Lego jigsaw while other times they are merely one elastic film. 

Additionally, if the buttons are labeled  with numbers and other symbols, it could be difficult for you to recall them in the proper order. 

To prevent losing components, use a little plastic crucial point box or something similar to store the pieces.



Since controllers frequently fall to the ground, it’s possible for the battery contacts or circuit load to have  dry joints. 

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Check the contacts and circuit board thoroughly in bright light with an enlarging lens, or alternatively, on  the off chance that you’re fortunate enough to have a magnifying glass or simply good eyesight? 

Weld  each questionable joint. You can clean the circuit board with methylated spirits and a toothbrush if there  are any signs of water damage. 

I occasionally wash the circuit board with foamy warm water, give it a good flush, and then dry it with a  hair drier. 

I wouldn’t advise giving your cellphone a similar treatment because some parts could survive  without water. 

Wash The Buttons And Covers 

Use a small container or something similar to contain all of the pieces so that you don’t lose any down the  drain. Clean all button apertures and buttons with an old toothbrush. The task is completed with warm  water and dishwashing liquid. Pay close attention to those tiny fasteners and clean them properly. If you  can let the bits splash for the time being, they confessed quite easily. Most people don’t have an ultrasonic  cleaner in their pantry, despite the fact that it would be ideal for this profession. 

Channel, Flush, And Dry The Components 

Use warm water to flush. 

To prevent losing tiny fragments down the channel, use a drainer to retain all of  the parts. Use a sink plug for further security. Use a paper towel to dry. 

As they may already contain some  dirt that makes them tacky when used, wipe the buttons dry separately. 

Resolve the CASE AND Gather 

If the situation or buttons are damaged, you wish to make the anticipated repairs. Depending on the  situation, use super paste or craft glue. 

In case you required to stick something, let it dry for the time  being. Reassemble the elements in reverse order and check that your buttons are in the proper location  and that your navigational methods are appropriate. 

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Frequently, minor dents and rough scratches on  plastic covers can be repaired by gently heating with a hair dryer. 

Avoid using a lighter near a fire since it  is too easy to consume the plastic. Perhaps you can remove some dog paw prints off the remote control  if they are not too deep. 

If a lost or dropped out IR remote should occur, you can use a recycled remote  from another remote that you never use again or get a new remote from a hardware expert supplier.  

Make sure the extremity is correct; otherwise, you should consider getting another. 

Advanced Camera Test 

The same as before, test each button. On my LG VCR, the recording buttons sometimes need simultaneous  pressing of two remote controls. 

You can use the remote once you’ve done testing your camera. I want to think you got it rolling again  because that is all there is to it.



It Possible To Repair My Tv Remote At Home Conveniently? 

The majority of television owners are unaware how simple it is to repair their TV remote controls. 

The  only tools they require are a little screwdriver, a margarine blade, an old toothbrush, a computerized  camera, methylated soul, and dishwashing liquid.  


What Might Be Wrong If Some Of The Buttons On My Television Remote Don’t Function? 

If dirt particles has accumulated behind the buttons, making them tacky and stiff, your far-off regulator  will also fail to function properly. 

Why Do I Need A Computerized Camera To Evaluate The Use Of My Television From A Distance? 

Television remote controls make use of infrared technology, which is visible to a computerized camera.  Before you detach the cover, it is an easy way to determine whether the remote regulator is broken. 

 Is A Television Remote That Has Been Damaged By Water Fixable? 

Indeed. Once the lid has been removed, look inside for any suspicious joints and clean them with  methylated soul with an old toothbrush. 

You will need to use a patching iron and fuse your disengaged  joints back together. 


Getting a TV remote control fixed isn’t as difficult as one might think. Just follow up the aforementioned  clues carefully and see how it will work out flawlessly. Remember to observe each and every precautions.


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