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Cup Loan Program: A Comprehensive Review

The cup loan program has been a topic of interest for many borrowers and financial enthusiasts due to its perceived benefits and potential risks. 

This comprehensive analysis aims to provide readers with all the necessary information about the cup loan program, including its features, legitimacy, application process, and interest rates. 

By the end of this article, you should have a clearer understanding of the cup loan program and whether it is a suitable option for your financial needs.

Introduction to the Cup Loan Program

The cup loan program is a financial service that provides loans to eligible borrowers. 

These loans can be used for various purposes, such as home repairs, purchasing a ne car, paying for a wedding, school tuition, or even rent. 

The program claims to offer borrowers the opportunity to access funds up to $50,000 without affecting their credit scores. 

However, the legitimacy of the cup loan program has been a subject of debate, with some sources claiming it to be a scam, while others argue that it is a legitimate financial service.

Online Loans: The New Era of Lending

The internet has revolutionized the way we access loans, making it easier and more convenient to obtain funds from various sources, including banks, credit unions, and online lenders. 

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Online lenders, in particular, have emerged as a viable alternative to traditional banks and credit unions, offering a wide range of loan products and often providing faster and more convenient access to funds.

Lower overhead costs and the use of advanced technology to streamline the loan application and approval process have made online lenders an attractive option for borrowers

Furthermore, the internet has made it easier for borrowers to compare loan options from multiple lenders, allowing them to find the best rates and terms for their needs.

Digging Deeper into the Cup Loan Program

Before diving into the details of the cup loan program, it is essential to establish its legitimacy. 

Some sources claim that the cup loan program is a scam, while others argue that it is a legitimate financial service. To determine the truth, we must examine the facts and evidence.

Cup Loan Program: Address and Company Information

A quick Google search reveals that the cup loan program is associated with C.U.P. Federal Credit Union, which was formed in 1960 to serve the employees of the Bureau of Reclamation working on the Central Utah Project. 

The company’s address is listed as 302 E Lakeview Parkway Provo, UT 84606, which houses the U.S. Department of the Interior.

The cup loan program provides financial services to family members and employees of various partner organizations, such as the Strawberry Water Users Association, Bureau of Reclamation, Uintah Water Conservancy District, Central Utah Water Conservancy District, and South Utah Valley Electrical Service District.

Financial Services Offered by the Cup Loan Program

The cup loan program offers a range of financial services, including checking and savings accounts, as well as loan products. These services include:

Checking Account Services

  1. Overdraft Protection: The program claims to offer a credit line of up to $1,000, which can be used to automatically pay checks written in excess of the account balance.
  2. Debit Card: Visa cards are offered on all checking accounts, providing customers with access to their checking account funds without having to write a check. Customers can also access their checking funds via CO-OP ATM nationwide for no fee.
  3. Direct Deposit: The program accepts direct deposits from employers, providing directions on how employers can deposit funds.
  4. Funds Transfers: With customer authorization, the program can set up automatic withdrawals between CUP FCU and any other financial institution.
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Savings Account Services

  1. Savings Certificates: The program offers higher-yielding savings certificates than regular savings accounts.
  2. IRA Accounts: Traditional and Roth IRA accounts are available to help customers prepare for retirement.

Applying for a Cup Loan

To apply for a cup loan, interested individuals must visit the official website and click on the “Join Now” button. This will provide a PDF file, which must be downloaded, edited with the applicant’s information, and submitted.

Some of the required information includes account type, member application and ownership information (such as name, address, phone number, email, SSN/TIN, and date of birth), account services, account ownership, and account designations.

Evaluating the Legitimacy of the Cup Loan Program

While some sources claim that the cup loan program is a scam, a closer examination of the available evidence suggests otherwise. The company’s address, as well as its history and affiliation with various partner organizations, indicate that it is a legitimate financial service.

However, it is essential to exercise caution when dealing with any financial service, especially those found online. While the cup loan program appears to be legitimate, potential borrowers should thoroughly research the program and read the terms and conditions before applying for a loan.

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Cup Loan Program Interest Rates

The cup loan program offers various interest rates for its loan products, as outlined below:

New/Used Vehicle Loans As Low As 1.99%

The program offers identical rates and terms for both new and used vehicles, with high loan-to-value amounts. In certain cases, loans of up to 120% of the vehicle value can be provided, with financing options ranging from 2 to 8 years. Loans for “salvaged” title vehicles are also offered, but additional information is required before approval.

New/Used RV Loans As Low As 4.50%

The program offers loans for all types of new or used recreational vehicles (RVs), such as campers, snowmobiles, trailers, motorhomes, 5th wheels, utility trailers, ATVs, boats, and more. They provide financing terms ranging from 2 years to as high as 12 years.

Unsecured Loans As Low As 6.45%

The READY CASH Credit Line offers a flexible term, generous credit limits, and easy accessibility. Low monthly payments are only 2% of the outstanding balance, and the credit line can be easily accessed through home banking, phone, email, or by writing a Ready Cash check.

The Signature Loan is a fixed-term loan with competitive rates, which can be repaid over a period of up to 4 years without the need for collateral.

An Overdraft Credit Line is also offered in combination with a checking account, which helps prevent checks from bouncing due to insufficient funds in the account.

Real Estate Loans As Low As Prime 3.25%

The program offers first and second-mortgage loans of up to $120,000, with a Loan to Value ratio of 80%. 

Home Equity Lines with payment terms of up to 15 years are also available. Their mortgage loan partner, Education First Mortgage, provides long-term mortgage loan programs.


The cup loan program appears to be a legitimate financial service, offering various loan products and financial services to eligible borrowers. However, potential borrowers should exercise caution and thoroughly research the program before applying for a loan.

 By understanding the program’s features, requirements, and interest rates, borrowers can make an informed decision about whether the cup loan program is the right choice for their financial needs.


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