Myhomejobsearch Reviews

Myhomejobsearch Reviews – Legit or Scam?

Myhomejobsearch Reviews; When you’re searching for legit opportunities to make money online, it can be difficult to know what’s real and what’s not.

There are quite a few websites claiming to offer the best income potential, but how do you know which ones are telling the truth? 

Myhomejobsearch Reviews

Here is Myhomejobsearch which has existed since 2016, and after reading this review, you can decide if it’s right for you.


What Is MyHomeJobSearch and How Does It Work?

MyHomeJobSearch is a website that claims to find you real work-from-home jobs. It has been around since 2016, and is still operational. Their website features jobs that pay between $50 and $70 per hour, and they say they are open to all 50 states in the USA.

They claim that their website has thousands of job listings across a number of categories.

MyHomeJobSearch was founded in 2016 by Michael Anderson, who claims to have worked in Silicon Valley for more than 10 years.

He found that people were desperate to find work-from-home jobs, and so he decided to set up MyHomeJobSearch as a way of providing these opportunities.

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My Home Job Search is a job search engine that specializes in so-called approved work-at-home jobs. The company’s distinctive claim is that, by partnering with approved companies, it helps you weed out fake job seekers. Besides, My Home Job Search will only work with employers that have a good track record of paying.

Advantages of working with MyHomeJobSearch company

There are several My Home Job Search pricing options that may limit what you can do with the site. 

Depending on what membership package you choose, you may not be able to access all the features. 

Myhomejobsearch Reviews

Don’t be constrained by the volume of limits you may have, because you are either limiting yourself, or your options, by only making the decision to look into one site like those.


Basic Membership:

Basic membership is available for free.

It enables you to search from categories such as paid surveys and freelance writing.

Gives you an additional means for locating work


Premium Membership:

One-time fee of $99, or only $29 on sale.

There are various aspects of the site available for you to use.

Gives you a look at various companies and allows you to view the job board.

Your premium membership gets you round-the-clock customer support.


Disadvantages of working with this company

Before you jump into working with MyHomeJobSearch, it’s important to understand that like many similar jobs sites, they operate on a pay-per-call model. 

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This means that you only make money when someone calls your phone number and solicits your services (if they haven’t used up their three free calls). 

It also means you must give out your personal phone number to prospective customers.

The property’s owner is anonymous.

When you sign up for the site, you are led to a video with an introductory clip where an individual claiming to be the owner of My Home Job Search, Michael Anderson, presents himself as a teenager.

To my disappointment, this photo is just a stock photo, and is not My Home Job Search’s actual owner.

Those available positions are nothing more than a simple programming trick.

For better or worse, it can be put to use. In this case, it’s to mislead you. Despite whatever zip code you enter during the signup process, My Home Job Search will always say there are jobs in your area.

This, however, is all just some simple programming that is not actually related to jobs. The gist of it is to trick you into following it.


Made-up testimonials

As if the others are not enough, it is most likely that the reviews you see are in fact not written by real people but stock images that the site owner has created.

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Chances are that these testimonials do not speak from real experience.

Final thoughts on myhomejobsearch

After hearing of all the deceptive techniques that My Home Job Search has employed, I don’t recommend that people use it. It’s difficult to trust a company that is so intentionally manipulative.

If you want to be secure in your job, don’t get this position, because even employees have little security at work. 

Even if you work independently, your boss is still the one determining how much you’re paid, which means you can’t ever be completely in control. Ultimately, I decided to make the wise decision to work for myself.

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What you get is an opportunity to build up several streams of income, one of the crucial ingredients to success as an online entrepreneur.

So that’s it for me talking, so tell me if your thoughts about My Home Job Search are still to make money or not.


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