How to Make a Fake Bank Account Balance

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Building a solid credit history from scratch is no easy feat.

The lack of lengthy credit history will make it harder to get loans because of the increased risk to lenders.

Fortunately, methods available to improve your credit rating do not entail ignoring your contractual needs. 

Creating a fake bank account balance is one such way. As you build your credit history, lenders will take note of several factors when determining your score. 

Some factors go into determining your credit score, including the types of credit you have. 

whether or not you have any outstanding obligations from prior loans, and how long you’ve had your current accounts open.

 If you’re aiming for the highest possible score – especially if you plan on getting a loan soon – here’s how you can create a fake bank account balance to give yourself an edge:


What is a Fake Bank Account Balance?

What you have available in your bank account at any given time is your account balance.

Borrowers are required by law to be able to confirm your current balance at any time, therefore the information you provide must match what is on file at your bank.

Making a false bank account balance is an excellent strategy to improve your credit score if you don’t have the money to pay off your debts in the real world.

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If you try to construct a phony balance in your bank account and then leave it there, the bank will most likely close your account.


Otherwise, your credit rating could take a hit because you’ve been reported as a potential fraudster.


How to Create a Fake Bank Account Balance

If you live in New York, you can follow these steps to build a fake bank account balance: Create a checking account with a false name and address.

Some credit reporting bureaus will allow you to edit your account to add a false balance manually. There’s no guarantee that this will work, but it’s worth a shot.

Below are a few of the apps to use for fake account balance

My Bank Wallet (Fake)

Is it your dream to become a millionaire with little effort on your part?

Then you’ve come to the right place. My fake wallet is an app that allows the user to load his wallet up with worthless virtual currency. The point of this is to pull a practical joke on your loved ones.

Fake Bank Account Balance

You can trick your pals with my fake wallet.

You will be given a million dollars worth of fictitious cash to use whatever you like in this game.

Initial registration is necessary, but subsequent logins can be made with any credentials you like; no verification is performed (because this is a fake app).

The addition of a login screen will improve the realism of this app.

The app is about 4MB in size and has over 150 thousand downloads as of the time of writing

Fun Fake Bank Account Prank

Beautiful software that helps you live the luxurious life you’ve always dreamed of, virtually. 

This program not only ensures your security by letting you create a false bank account balance that looks just like a real bank account, but it also helps you create that fake bank account balance. 

Fake Bank  Balance

Intriguingly, users can relax knowing the program is safe because it passed all tests for malware and viruses.

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Just search for the name of these apps on the Google Play store and you are almost good to go.

Fake Bank Account Prank

The primary intent of the Fake Bank Account Prank is humorous. 

If you want to fool your pals into thinking you’re wealthy, you can enter a fictitious account balance.

Among its numerous features is the ability to create phony balances, transactions, and even the most recent of these. 

If your pals have been teasing you about how little money you make, you can easily add a phony balance by entering it in, and it will appear in the app.

The app is on the G-Play store, it’s 4 MB in size and has over 10 thousand downloads and a few app purchases

FakePay – Money Transfer Prank

Share a phony screenshot of your fake money transfer with your pals using Fake Pay.

Inflated U.S. Federal Reserve Bank Account The prank lets you send a false screenshot of a money transfer to your loved ones.

Showing off your fake wealth is a great way to impress others. This application can prove to others that money is your top priority. Make a phony screenshot of a money transfer to fool your pals.

Like playing jokes on others. With Fake Balance, you may trick your friends and family by showing them a bogus account balance you’ve created.

Fake Money – (Transfer App)

This program allows users to send fake screenshots of large money transfers to anyone. Proof of a false transfer can be shown to others via screenshots. 

Fake Bank Account Balance

This program allows you to perform a practical joke on your pals by allowing you to pay phony utility bills through it.

The app is available on the Google Play store. It has over 50k downloads and a rating of 4 stars to show to you that it works pretty well for some folks.

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Why Creating a Fake Bank Balance Matters

If you’re just starting in the credit world and don’t yet have any accounts to report, you might need to resort to creating a false bank account balance.

If this is the case, it is strongly recommended that you take immediate action to improve your credit rating before applying for any new loans.

While it’s not ideal, one technique to improve your credit score and become eligible for new accounts is to create a phony bank account balance.

In addition to making it simpler to qualify for new loans, a good credit score can also get you preferential interest rates from lenders.

3 Steps to Boost Your Credit Score With a Fake Balance Account Balance

Making up a phony bank balance is a fast approach to improving your credit score.

Still, before you go that way, you should figure out how you’ll repay the money you put down.

Follow these steps to increase your credit score by using a fake bank account balance: Using a false identity, open a checking account at a New York bank.

Fund the account with $10,000. Notify the credit reporting companies of the erroneous balance. If you want to save your credit score from taking a hit, pay off the debt as soon as feasible.


If you haven’t borrowed much in the past, it can be difficult to build a good credit score.

If you want to increase your credit score but don’t currently have any open accounts to report, one option is to create a phony bank account balance.

While this approach is far from ideal, it is one of the quickest ways to improve your credit rating and make loan applications in a pinch.

Selecting a lender who uses the FICO scoring system is an important first step when applying for loans.

Then, you can check your credit report to see if the fake bank account has been documented accurately.

Also, remember that you should only build a fake balance if you have a real plan to repay it.


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