How to do Yahoo on WhatsApp

How to do Yahoo on WhatsApp

If you’re looking for an easy way to do Yahoo on WhatsApp, you’ve come to the right place because in this article, we will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to do Yahoo on WhatsApp. 

We wil discuss the best methods for accessing Yahoo services, as well as how to manage your Yahoo account directly from the WhatsApp app. 

By the end of this article, you’ll be well-equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to do Yahoo on WhatsApp with ease, so let’s get started.

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About The Mobile App Called WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that is used around the world. It is free to use and can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.

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The app allows users to send text messages, make voice calls, and video calls, and share photos, documents, and other media. It also provides a platform for group chats and even allows for voice and video conferences. 

With WhatsApp, you can stay connected with your family and friends no matter where you are. WhatsApp also makes it easy to share stories with your contacts by providing a status update feature.

You can update your status with text, photos, videos, or even GIFs. The app is available in over 180 countries and is constantly updating its features to improve user experience.

How to do Yahoo on WhatsApp

How to do Yahoo on WhatsApp

Yahoo boys, or scammers, have found a new home on WhatsApp, the mobile messaging platform. It is estimated that over 4 billion people use WhatsApp worldwide and many of them have fallen victim to these nefarious schemes. Here are five tricks you can use to do Yahoo on WhatsApp:

  1. Add contacts: To start doing Yahoo on WhatsApp, you need to add potential victims to your contact list. This can be done through various means, including searching for people in public chat groups, inviting people from other platforms, and buying contact lists from third-party sources.
  2. Send messages: Once you have added the contacts to your contact list, it’s time to start sending messages. Be sure to create engaging messages that will entice the victims to take action.
  3. Receive messages: Of course, the next step is to receive messages back from the victims. You should check your messages regularly so that you can respond quickly and establish trust with the victims.
  4. Follow up: After receiving a message, you should make sure to follow up with the victim to ensure that they are still interested in your offer.
  5. Collect payment: Finally, when the victim has agreed to buy your product or service, you can collect the payment. You can do this through various methods such as PayPal, bank transfers, cryptocurrency, and gift cards.
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Doing Yahoo on WhatsApp can be a lucrative business, but it also comes with its own set of risks. 


Yahoo can now be done on WhatsApp, making it a great way to communicate with friends and family. With these five tricks, you should be able to easily get started using Yahoo on WhatsApp. 

Once you’ve mastered these techniques, you can start using Yahoo to your advantage to make communication more efficient and enjoyable. So don’t wait any longer, get out there and start exploring the world of Yahoo on WhatsApp today.


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