Jvzoo vs clickbank

JVZoo vs Clickbank – Which Is Best in Nigeria?

JVZoo and Clickbank have been the two famous affiliate companies, the JVZoo vs Clickbank battle has been for a very long time. So today on NaijaCloud we’re going to look into the “JVZoo vs Clickbank” review/comparison.

In today’s affiliate marketing episode, we’re going to look into the two affiliate companies, what you need to know about them, and their respective pros and cons.

Jvzoo vs clickbank

Both of the platforms are amazing and easy, but one surely has to be the winner. That’s right lol.

JVZoo and Clickbank are two great affiliate marketing platforms.

All you need to do on the platform is to create a link to stores, promote the offers, and earn commissions. It would be easy for you when you have a large audience or a blog so you can promote your offers.

You can quickly create a WordPress blog and input your affiliate code so you can embed your affiliate link on the site and drive more sales.

You don’t need any expert knowledge to create a blog. Since you can create a Facebook account, you should be able to create a blog.  Lol.

The more your sales the more you earn commission!

JVZoo vs Clickbank

What is JVZoo?  JVZoo is an affiliate marketing platform that makes it easy for merchants to sign up, promote, and sell their products, and affiliate marketers can easily find attractive products at attractive prices.

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Jvzoo vs clickbank
Clickbank homepage

While ClickBank started way back in 1998 and is a private company.

The company has over 6 million customers worldwide and is the 87th largest online retailer in North America.  ClickBank, founded in 2011, is a global online store and partner marketplace.

When talking in terms of age, It’s so obvious that Clickbank is way older than JVZoo. They gat the experience and experience is one of the key factors in marketing

JVZoo vs Clickbank – Products

Jvzoo is more indulgent about what it sells. Thus, you may wind up losing cash to clients that request discounts.

Jvzoo vs clickbank
Jvzoo homepage

Both Jvzoo and ClickBank offer items that are pertinent to member advertisers. Any individual who figures out how to make a large enough crowd for their blog, YouTube channel, digital recording, or web-based social networking account is going to need to bring in cash from their online nearness sooner or later.

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Notwithstanding, ClickBank additionally has a preferred position here, in light of the fact that ClickBank is bound to decline to manage bad quality items.

On ClickBank, one can locate a wide assortment of items for subsidiary advertisers to sell. Items in all specialties are accessible.

On Jvzoo, there is less assortment. JVZoo centers around selling items identified with advanced showcasing.

Since there is a great deal of cash in selling computerized showcasing related items, JVZoo might merit utilizing for certain advertisers.

Commission Rate

JVZoo currently has the best commission rate, they charge just 5% while Clickbank charges 7.5%

Let me break it down,

Let say you sell a product for 50%, JVzoo will only take 5% for their charges which are just 3.9$ while Clickbank is a different case.

On Clickbank, you get a 50% commission for any product you sell and a 7.5% charge from the price of the product.

Let me break this down too.

Assuming you sell a product for 100, you earn 50% commission, and Click bank will surely take their charges.

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Let us do the math,

100$ – 7.5% charge = 92$,

Now calculate 50% of 92$. You are left with roughly 46$.

You will surely lose a lot of funds to Clickbank than JVZoo


These two platforms have different methods of seeking withdrawal.

You can use PayPal account to withdraw your funds on JVZoo which is highly recommendable,

While on Clickbank you have to get a payooner account. The only reason why I don’t like a payooner account is that you need up to 1000$ to withdraw funds from your payooner account and you need their card.

Personally, for me, I think JVZoo also wins in this withdrawal category because most Nigeria uses PayPal and no withdrawal limits.


I think you get all you need on JVZoo vs Click bank, personally, for me I would prefer JVZoo to Click bank because of its offer and the withdrawal terms.

The choice is yours, what do you feel? Which do you prefer? Drop your suggestions in the comment box below


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