8 Money Making Agricultural Business Ideas

8 Money Making Agricultural Business Ideas in Nigeria

Here are eight money-making agricultural business ideas that are either already making farmers money or could easily be adapted to do so.

8 Money Making Agricultural Business Ideas

Nigeria has been ranked as the top ten countries with the highest number of millionaires in Africa

If you’re looking to make money from your agricultural business ideas in Nigeria, you’re going to be in good company.


1) Vegetable Growing and selling business 

This is one of Nigeria’s favourite money making agricultural business ideas.

It does not require a huge initial investment and can make you good returns over time. 

People will always be looking for vegetables, whether it’s to grow your own vegetables or buy them from a local farmer, they’re always needed. 

This makes vegetable growing a sustainable business idea. 

8 Money Making Agricultural Business
Vegetable farming – Unsplash images

The best part about starting up a vegetable growing and selling business is that you can start small and scale up as you make more money.

You can start with just one seed packet and plant your crops on an unused piece of land you have at home, then sell them at a market or roadside stand.

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 As you get more capital, you can expand to buying more seed packets and expand your plot of land. You can also hire workers to help you with planting and harvesting of your crops.

 As your business grows, you can also diversify into more vegetables.

Tomatoes and other spices such as ginger and onion can all be planted during the rainy season to give you a steady stream of income

You can sell them at markets or roadside stands. This is a great money making agricultural business idea for Nigerians living in rural areas who have unused land.

2) Dairy Farming

Dairy farming is one of those money making agricultural business ideas that you can start with as little as N50,000.

It involves looking after livestock (cows, goats or sheep) that produce milk for human consumption.

Aside from supply of raw milk to people, other products like soft cheese, butter and ghee are also sold.

3) Livestock Farming

A popular source of income for farmers in Nigeria is livestock farming. It involves rearing domestic animals such as chicken, goats, sheep and cows. 

Livestock production is quite common among small scale farmers.

Since it involves rearing and feeding animals, you may require more than one acre to carry out effective livestock farming

4) Fruit Growing

As a fruit farmer, you will start off by purchasing healthy and cheap seeds. 

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Then, you need to pay for labor that is skilled and experienced enough to help you with every step of farming. 

Some fruit trees can survive on their own as long as there is water and sunlight; however, it’s best to purchase trees that are already mature, so they don’t take too much time to grow. 

Once your trees start producing fruits, harvest them when they are ripe.

5) Fish Farming

Aquaculture is a family of methods to raise aquatic animals and plants, known as aquaculturists, for food and other products. 

Aquaculture involves cultivating freshwater and saltwater populations under controlled conditions, and can be contrasted with commercial fishing, which is taking wild fish from natural stocks. 

Mariculture refers to aquaculture practiced in marine environments and in underwater habitats. Following are some of money making agricultural business ideas

6) Piggery Farming

Piggery farming is an agricultural business that is highly lucrative.

If you have a piece of land, a piggery can be started as long as there is good access to water and shelter. 

8 Money Making Agricultural Business ideas
Piggery – Unsplash

The good thing about piggeries is that they can be sustained with minimum human intervention. In short, it’s low-maintenance but high-profit.

7) Poultry Farming

As one of Africa’s major agricultural sectors, poultry farming has proven to be a reliable way to make money and better provide for your family. 

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Poultry farming has several different aspects, including breeding broiler chickens (for meat), breeding laying hens (for eggs), and raising birds for their feathers. 

These aspects are widely practiced by both large-scale commercial farmers and small-scale farmers.

8) Micro Green Farming (Urban Gardening)

Green rooftops and vertical gardens are now trendy in cities.

However, there is still a lot of untapped opportunity for creating mini-farms on rooftops, balconies, and terraces.

Growing food on your property will save you time since you can grow what you eat and cut down on groceries at market. It will also give you control over what kind of foods make it into your family’s diet.


The agricultural sector remains a lucrative area for money making business opportunities, especially in Nigeria where food security is becoming a serious challenge. 

Consequently, there is now no better time than now to consider venturing into an agricultural venture. With more government support and private funding for small farmers, new investors are always welcome to contribute their quota of seeds and small capital. 

If you’re considering venturing into one of these 8 money making agricultural business ideas in Nigeria, get started as soon as possible. Good luck!


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