Stag Beetle Price in Nigeria

Stag Beetle Price In Nigeria

-Stag Beetle Price In Nigeria-

Are you here cause you want to know about stag beetle prices In Nigeria? Then this post is perfect for you.

I would take my time to explain everything you need to know about stag beetle, from getting them down to the cost and how to sell or market.

The stag beetle is a famous insect in Nigeria and has been viewed as the most colourful of all beetles. 

It is also traditionally used by people planning to offer sacrifices or dances to appease their gods. 

In 2018, the government of Nigeria banned the sale and trade of this beetle and its ceremonial use at marketplaces because there were concerns that it could cause public health problems.

Stag Beetle Price in Nigeria

Let’s get to the real deal without wasting much of your time.


Nigerian stag beetles (Lucanus Cervus) are among the most popular invertebrates in the country due to their high quality and low prices. 

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The beetle is consumed mainly by locals, who believe it has medicinal properties. Despite this, stag beetles have not yet been formally studied for their potential health benefits.

The Nigerian stag beetle is a medium-sized insect that is reddish-brown. It feeds on various softwood trees and shrubs, including mahogany, cedar, and ebony. 

They are considered pests because they damage trees and cause them to shed leaves. 

The beetle was first discovered in Nigeria in 1902 and has since been collected from all over the country.

The Nigerian stag beetle is mainly consumed by locals, who believe it has medicinal properties

Some people even use it as a source of dye. However, stag beetles have not yet been formally studied for their potential health benefits.”

History of the Stag Beetle

The stag beetle is a common insect-eating species in many parts of the world. It can be found in Nigeria, too. 

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 The stag beetle has a long and varied history that goes back to prehistoric times.

The stag beetle is believed to have originated in China or North America, and it was first discovered in Africa by Europeans in 1758. 

The stag beetle is a popular pet because of its unique colouration and markings. It can be found throughout much of Africa but is most commonly found in desert areas.

The stag beetle is essential to Nigerian ecosystems because it feeds on insects that damage crops. 

The stag beetle also helps to control insect populations, which can help to improve agricultural yields.

Stag Beetle Price in Nigeria

The stag beetle is a common insect in many parts of the world. In Nigeria, stag beetles are valued for their beauty and fur-like covering. 

They are often bought in foreign countries as they know the value. The price of stag beetles in Nigeria is over N30 million and about $60000 in dollar conversion.

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I know the next thing that comes to your mind after learning the price is how you sell them. Lol.

That’s why I would explain. You can either sell to a museum or sell directly on the internet via “InsectNet Marketplace “.

The price depends on the species and size you are trying to sell. 


I hope you enjoyed my post on Stag beetle prices In Nigeria. So, you’ve decided to get a stag beetle for your home. 

Great choice! Stag beetles are one of the most popular pet beetles because they are relatively easy to keep and make great additions to any household. 

But before you go out and purchase your first stag beetle, there are a few things you should know about their price in Nigeria. Keep reading to find out more!


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