GTBank affiliate program

3 Things You Need To Know About GTBank Affiliate Program

The GTBank affiliate program is one of the best in Nigeria, and has been around since 2009.

Here are three things you need to know about it if you’re considering joining or are just hearing about it now!

GTBank affiliate program

1) Ease of application

Creating an account is simple. Once you register, all that’s left to do is log in and make a deposit.

Unlike some online lenders, GTBank requires no minimum amount for their affiliate program. 

Just USD 10 will do. When you choose your own referral code, it must be unique.

If another person has already chosen your code, then it’s too late you can only have one code at a time. 

Your commission rate depends on how much money you lend:

The more you lend out per month, the higher your commission rate will be. 

However, there are also limits to how much money you can earn through commissions each month if these limits are exceeded then your earnings will be lowered accordingly.p

2) Relevant products

Gtbank keeps their basic account fee at N50,000 yearly.

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Transaction charges have a cap of N2,500 daily. There is no monthly account keeping charge as well. 

They also offer free ATM transactions for their customers.

3 things you need to know about GTBank affiliate program

For example, if you have an ATM card with GTBank and your salary account is with them too, then they will not charge you any money when using your ATM card to withdraw money from any ATM in Nigeria or abroad.

The only fees that will be charged are those imposed by other banks on foreign ATMs. 

This means that if your bank has an agreement with another bank in Nigeria, they will not charge anything for withdrawals done through such banks’ ATMs either. 

Withdrawals done through non-GTBank ATMs cost between N100 and N200 depending on which bank owns that particular ATM.

3) Rewards structure

You are paid $50 for each customer referred through your affiliate link who opens a new account and remains in good standing. 

So long as they don’t cancel their account within 2 years, you will continue to receive payments.

If they do cancel within that time frame, you won’t be paid again unless they open another account. 

The amount of money that you can earn with GTBank’s affiliate program is capped at $1 million per year. 

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This is because of how some of their reward structures work for example, if you refer someone who opens an account.

Then refers someone else who also opens an account and so on the referral chain could theoretically go on forever!

GTBank affiliate program

It seems unlikely that anyone would have enough friends to create such a chain (though it is possible), but it’s certainly not impossible.

If there were no cap on earnings, one person could theoretically earn unlimited money from one referral!

How To Apply For GTbank Affiliate program 

Becoming an affiliate on Gtbank has its own benefits, because in one form or another, almost everybody needs a bank account. 

If you can convince people to sign up for accounts with your referral link, then you’ll get paid for every new customer that signs up through your link. 

In addition, if they decide to buy any of their products and services through your link as well, then that will earn you more money as well. 

It’s a win-win situation for both parties involved; it gets customers what they want and it gives affiliates some cash too! If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate on Gtbank, 

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Three important things that every potential affiliate should know

The three main things that anyone thinking about joining an affiliate program needs to know is

How much commission they’ll be getting per sale, how long it takes before payment is issued, and whether there are additional requirements for being eligible to receive payment. 

On Gtbank’s Affiliate Program page , you’ll find all of these details laid out clearly.

The minimum amount required for receiving payments is N500,000 and there aren’t any additional requirements other than signing up via your referral link . 

There isn’t a specific time frame given when payments will be issued either instead they only state  within 10 working days but given that there doesn’t seem to be anything out of ordinary with regards to these particular terms, I’d say everything looks pretty good so far.


Being an Affiliate with GTBank is a great way for bloggers who like finance and entrepreneurship to connect with one of Nigeria’s biggest banks. 

But, there are some important considerations that every blogger should take into account before signing up as an affiliate. 


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