How to Apply for Peerfly

How to Apply for Peerfly For Approval

Knowing how to apply for a peerfly  is important as it’s always good to look at the competition.

To see what they’re doing if you have been doing Affiliate as a lifetime job.

Peerfly is a good one for you to look at.

How to Apply for Peerfly

In this day and age, knowing how to apply for peerfly isn’t just about knowing what their application process looks like.

it’s also about knowing what kind of traffic you can expect from them, and more importantly. 

If  you get accepted into their program, if that traffic will convert into sales for your website/business/product. 

Because of all these reasons, it’s very important to know how to apply for peerfly and get approved especially if you want to be successful online.

How To Apply For Peerfly 

PeerFly is a website design and marketing agency that specializes in building website brands, getting more traffic to their sites, and driving commission-based sales. 

They are one of many companies out there today who offer affiliate programs for bloggers and content writers to earn money from promoting products or services on their blogs. 

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The process can be easy or difficult depending on your experience with blogging and writing as well as how you approach it. 

This guide will help you apply for peerfly and get approved.

Application Steps 

If you want to get started on Peerfly’s Affiliate Program, please follow these steps and complete the application form.

Step 1: When you visit PeerflyPeerfly, you are automatically taken to a section on affiliates.

How to Apply for Peerfly For Approval

Simply click on the affiliates application form, which requires a person to provide basic information such as name, email, and password.

Step 2: To apply you would have to provide: A link to your website, of Your preferred marketing channels.

Their marketing channels include: 1. PPC and 2. Facebook. Organic Search, Email Marketing, and List Marketing.

PPV/CPV offers that may interest you including debt, home businesses, loans, and payments; home offer solutions; online job solutions; and, so on.

Next is your website’s URL-add one if you have one or create one easily with Namecheap or Bluehost.


Step 3: Using the following channels: paid-per-click and google AdWords, to drive traffic to my offers.

In order to increase my traffic, I will advertise my offers using Banner/Display ads on other websites.

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If you agree to provide me with your email address, I’ll give you exclusive content for paid subscribers.

How to Apply for Peerfly

Email/list marketing: I only send promotional materials to the subscribers I have earned and obtained permission from.

With Social Marketing I will be pushing my offers through paid ads on Facebook.


Step 4: Enter your email address on the  right hand.

Peerfly will send you a verification code to your email address.

Then you will have to copy the code.

Paste it on the right place on the following form and upload your photo on the second form.

Once these steps are complete, your account will be fully verified.


Final Step 5: Once you have completed the Terms Agreement and have gone to submit your application.

You will receive a message telling you that your application has been submitted and will hear back from the company within 1-3 business days.

Best Times to Submit an Application

If you’re new to peerfly, it can be hard to know when is a good time of day/week/month/year to submit your application. 

Here is something you can do in order of importance. 

And that is to ensure  that your site is ready to go live before applying. 

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It takes about 2-3 days after submitting an application for approval until we will allow you to publish on PeerFly. 

So if you want to get approved as soon as possible, make sure that everything is set up and ready before submitting an application.

You should also make sure that there aren’t any major changes planned for within those two days so that we don’t see a sudden spike in traffic or conversions and then deny your application because we think it’s unnatural. 

 Apply for Peerfly

With that said, if you’ve been working on something and have been trying to figure out when would be best to launch, now might not be such a bad time.

Final Thoughts

If you would like to apply for Peerfly, do not hesitate.

Apply today.

They look forward to helping you and your website grow as they have done for thousands of other businesses across multiple different industries. 

Once you are approved for an account with us, then you can get started today after reading this steps.


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