how many digits is mtn recharge card

How Many Digits is MTN Recharge Card – How to Load

Millions of people use MTN Nigeria every day, making it one of the most popular phone networks in Nigeria. 

Even though you can recharge your MTN line in a number of ways, buying recharge cards from stores is still a popular choice. 

However, sometimes you may forget the code to use when loading a recharge card. This post will help you do that, and it will also answer some questions that are often asked about MTN recharge cards.

How to Recharge an MTN Card

It is simple to load money onto an MTN recharge card, and the steps to do so are as follows:

  1. Scratch the silver panel on the card to reveal the recharge PIN.
  2. Dial *555*CARD PIN# on your mobile device, followed by the send key.
  3. Wait for a message confirming your recharge.
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It is possible that the recharge will fail if the network is poor; however, you can try again once the network has improved.


The following are some questions that are frequently asked about MTN recharge cards:

How Many Digits is MTN Recharge Card PIN?

At the moment, the Personal Identification Number (PIN) on MTN recharge cards has 17 digits. But this wasn’t always the case. In 2015, MTN refill cards only had 12 digits. Now, they have 16. The latest increase to 17 digits occurred in recent times.

How Much are MTN Recharge Cards Sold in Nigeria?

Before, you could buy airtime vouchers for the exact amount you wanted to add. But because the cost of making them has gone up and other things have changed, many small shop owners in Nigeria now add N10 or N20 to the original price. 

Is there a Cheat Code for MTN Recharge Card?

Trying to cheat MTN by guessing the recharge PIN is almost impossible. 

People have been able to guess recharge PINs before, but the chances of this happening are so low that it’s like one in a million. 

Also, it’s risky and could stop your phone from being able to be charged.

Tips to Remember when Recharging an MTN Line

When topping off your MTN line, here are some important considerations to keep in mind:

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Keep Your Recharge Card Safe

Ensure that you keep your recharge card safe and in a secure location. Once you scratch off the silver panel to reveal the PIN, the card is no longer of any value to you. So, keep it safe to avoid losing it or allowing someone else to use it.

Verify Your PIN Before Dialing the Code

Before dialing the code to recharge, always double-check that you entered the correct PIN. This will save you the frustration of entering the wrong PIN and losing your money.

Choose the Right Recharge Plan

MTN has various recharge plans that you can choose from. Choose the plan that best suits your needs, as this will help you save money and avoid unnecessary deductions.

How Many Digits is MTN Recharge Card

MTN offers recharge cards in various denominations, each with a different number of digits in the PIN. Let’s explore the number of digits in popular MTN recharge card denominations:

How Many Digits is MTN 200 Recharge Card?

The MTN 200 recharge card typically has a 12-digit PIN. When you scratch off the silver panel on the card, you will find a 12-digit number that you need to enter when recharging your MTN line.

How Many Digits is MTN 500 Recharge Card?

The MTN 500 recharge card also comes with a 12-digit PIN. Similar to the 200 recharge card, the 500 recharge card requires you to enter a 12-digit number after scratching off the silver panel.

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How Many Digits is MTN 1000 Recharge Card?

For the MTN 1000 recharge card, the PIN consists of 16 digits. When you purchase a 1000 recharge card and scratch off the silver panel, you will find a 16-digit number that you should enter when recharging your MTN line.

How to Guess MTN Recharge Card PIN

Because there are so many different possible combinations, it is extremely unlikely that someone will guess the PIN for an MTN recharge card. 

Since the PINs are made up at random, it is almost impossible to guess a valid PIN.

 If you keep trying to guess a recharge card PIN, MTN’s security systems could block your line.

MTN Recharge Code for 10-Digit PIN

Cards from MTN that had 10-digit PINs are no longer in use. As was already said, the current PIN lengths for MTN recharge cards are 12 digits for the 200 and 500 denominations and 16 digits for the 1000 denominations. 

If you find a recharge card with a 10-digit PIN, it might be an older version that no longer works. Check to see if you have the most recent MTN recharge cards with the right PIN lengths.

Remember, if you want to see the PIN on your MTN recharge card, you have to scratch off the silver panel carefully and correctly. 

This will make sure that there are no mistakes when entering the PIN and that the recharge works.


To summarise, MTN recharge cards are a simple and hassle-free way to add more minutes to your existing line. 

The steps to load an MTN recharge card are simple, and the frequently asked questions addressed in this post will help you understand the process better.


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