how to delete paypal transaction history

How to Delete PayPal Transaction History

PayPal keeps a detailed record of your transactions, including purchases, payments sent and received, withdrawals, and more. You may want to delete this transaction history for privacy or to clear old records from your account.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explain how to erase your PayPal transaction history entirely or selectively remove certain transactions. By the end, you’ll know how to clear your PayPal activity log.

Understanding PayPal Transaction History

Your PayPal transaction history contains details on:

– Purchases from merchants through PayPal
– Transfers sent or received between users
– Bank withdrawals and deposits
– Payments for goods/services
– Retail transactions using PayPal at point-of-sale

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This activity log helps track your payments. But old records build up, so clearing them can simplify your account. You may also want to delete transactions for privacy.

How to Delete Full PayPal History

Unfortunately, PayPal does not allow users to delete entire transaction history in one step. However, you can remove transactions individually:

1. Log into your PayPal account and go to your transaction history.
2. Click the “Details” link for each transaction.
3. Click “Remove from statement history”.
4. Repeat for every transaction you want to delete.

This will permanently erase each selected transaction from your PayPal account history. It’s time consuming but the only way currently to purge your full records within PayPal.

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Selectively Deleting PayPal Transactions

For selective deletion of just certain PayPal transactions:

1. Apply date filters or search to isolate the specific transactions to remove.

2. Click “Details” then “Remove from history” for each one.

This allows precise removal of just older or selected transactions you no longer need in your history.

Deleting PayPal Transactions from Linked Accounts

PayPal transaction records also appear in any linked bank, card, or other accounts. To remove transactions there:

1. Go to your bank account and locate PayPal transaction records.

2. See if your bank allows deleting individual transaction history.

3. Remove PayPal transactions just like any other activity.

Downloading PayPal History Before Deleting

Before erasing transactions, you may want to download a copy of your full history for your personal records:

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1. Go to transaction history and click “Download history”.

2. Save the CSV or OFX file containing your full transaction details.

3. You can now delete selected transactions while retaining a backup.

Risks of Accumulated Transaction History

Some potential risks of keeping years of PayPal history include:

– Performance issues if the transaction log grows too large.

– Security vulnerabilities if old records remain available.

– Inability to locate relevant transactions when needed.

– Privacy concerns around sensitive purchases/payments.


PayPal unfortunately does not allow bulk deletion of your transaction history. But you can manually remove transactions one by one – just a time consuming process.

Alternatively, delete PayPal records from linked accounts separately. Following the steps here will help simplify and protect your PayPal account history.


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