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How to Make Money Blogging: 6 Proven Strategies

If you’re interested in how to make money blogging, you’ve come to the right place! 

This article covers six strategies that bloggers have used to make money blogging and then breaks them down into easy-to-follow steps. 

You’ll also find out what not to do and how to avoid making the most common mistakes when trying to get paid blogging. 

Finally, I’ll leave you with a bonus tip on how to make money blogging with infographics.

Understand The Industry

If you want to make money from your blog, you need to understand the basics of how blogging for profit works. 

First, you need to have a niche blog with a loyal following. You also need to be able to generate traffic and attract readers. 

Finally, you need to monetize your blog through advertising, affiliate marketing, or selling products and services. 

Let’s explore these three methods in more detail. The first one is generating revenue through advertising. 

To do this, you will place ads on your website and then share revenue from those ads with the companies that provide them. 

One way to get high-paying advertisers is by joining an ad network like Google AdSense or Infolinks Ads where advertisers bid for placement on your site. 

The second way is affiliate marketing where you receive commissions when people buy items after clicking on a link on your site that directs them to another company’s website. 

For example, if someone clicks on an Amazon link to buy a book, they will purchase it at Amazon while you receive a commission as well because you referred them there!

Find Profitable Niches

The first step to making money blogging is finding a profitable niche. A profitable niche is a market with a group of people who are willing to spend money on products or services.

 To find a profitable niche, you can start by considering what you’re passionate about. What are you an expert in? 

What do you have experience with? Once you’ve brainstormed some ideas, it’s time to do some research. 

Use Google Keyword Planner and other tools to find out how much traffic certain keywords get. You want to choose keywords that have high search volume but low competition. 

That way, you can rank for those keywords and get traffic to your site. Remember, though, there’s no point in targeting every single keyword under the sun. 

Target at least 30-50 long-tail keywords related to your topic so you don’t spread yourself too thin. 

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After you’ve done your research, it’s time to put together a blog post outlining the best strategies for how to make money blogging. 

Try posting 2-3 times per week with new blog posts, and evergreen content like product reviews, infographics, and guides (remember not to focus solely on affiliate links). 

You should also post once per day on social media. Don’t forget to include hashtags

Using hashtags will allow you to connect with more users and increase engagement rates on posts. 

If all this sounds like too much work, consider hiring someone else like SideHustleNation who specializes in these types of tasks!

Create Relatable Brand

Your brand is what makes you unique and different from other bloggers in your niche. It’s what sets you apart and helps you build a robust, loyal following. 

And it’s also one of the key factors in monetizing your blog. So how do you create an engaging and relatable brand? 

Start by using your name as your URL. 

Research shows that readers are drawn to content that sounds like it was written by someone they know or can relate to, so be sure that your voice shines through when you write posts on topics related to blogging. 

The next step is deciding on the design of your blog’s logo or banner and creating a style guide for fonts, colors, logos, and images. 

Be sure that these elements are consistent throughout all of your posts and social media pages – this will help readers identify with who you are as a blogger. 

With your branding established, you’ll need to think about how to make money blogging with ads. 

These ads will often come in the form of text links at the end of blog posts that lead readers to another website and generate income for you when visitors click through. 

Ads can also take many forms though, including promotional tweets on Twitter, sponsored pins on Pinterest, sponsored Instagram posts, etc. 

The key is ensuring that these ads are relevant to your target audience and contain clear call-to-actions (CTAs) urging them to act quickly before time runs out! 

You might even offer exclusive deals just for followers who follow instructions contained within those CTAs!

Affiliate Marketing

As a new blogger, you may not have a large audience yet. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start making money from your blog! 

Affiliate marketing is a great way to start monetizing your blog, and it doesn’t require a large audience. 

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Before we start, if you need detailed knowledge of how affiliate marketing works on different platforms, I have an archive for it. Book mark it as it would be useful

how to make money blogging

You can start making money with affiliate marketing even if you only have a few hundred regular readers. 

Here are six proven strategies for making money affiliate marketing is a popular way to make money blogging, but it can be a little tricky to get started. 

The first step is finding good affiliate programs that fit your niche and audience. Once you’ve found some programs, you’ll need to apply and be accepted into the program. 

After that, you can start promoting products and earning commissions!

There are some things to keep in mind when getting started with affiliate marketing.

First, ensure you’re only promoting products that you believe in and will be valuable to your readers. 

Second, always disclose your affiliate links so your readers can make an informed decision about whether or not to purchase a product

Finally, don’t spam your readers with too many affiliate links or product recommendations. 

You want to create genuine content that’s helpful and informative, rather than just trying to make a quick buck. 

It’s also important to remember that there are no shortcuts in affiliate marketing; you should never expect instant success. 

Building up trust with your audience takes time and patience. You’ll want to focus on providing value before asking them for anything.

Paid Ads

One way to make money blogging is to try paid ads. This means that you allow companies to place ads on your blog. 

When a reader clicks on one of the ads, you earn money. Paid ads can be a great way to earn money, but they can also be intrusive and take away from the user experience. 

If you do decide to go with paid ads, be sure to test different placements and ad types to see what works best for your blog and your audience. 

It may take some time before any income starts coming in from paid ads, so it’s important to remember that patience is key. 

However, if this strategy interests you then read our post on how to make money blogging through sponsored posts.


Google Adsense is a program that allows you to place ads on your website. When someone clicks on one of the ads, you earn money. 

how to make money blogging

Adsense is a great way to monetize your blog because it is easy to set up and you don’t need to do anything to maintain it. 

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Plus, you can make a decent amount of money from it. Just like any other job, the more hours you put in, the more you will be paid. 

So I recommend doing as much work as possible for your blog to generate income. 

You can also use Google Adsense for content promotion by adding links to external sites within posts or pages that lead back to content on your site. 

That way when people click through, they see an ad from google which benefits both parties since google gets paid for views and viewers are getting a new perspective on your post or page. 

If you would rather not use Google Adsense, there are many other ways to make money blogging. 

Some bloggers may find success with affiliate marketing programs where they promote products on their site with links that take customers to different websites where they may buy them at discounted rates or without paying anything at all. 

There are also sponsored guest posts where advertisers pay bloggers directly for promoting their product/service/company online.

I have a post on a few of the best Google AdSense alternatives, you can check it out here. I am sure you would find it useful.

Guest Posts

If you want to make money blogging, one of the best ways is to write engaging, well-paid guest posts. 

By writing posts for other blogs in your niche, you can reach a new audience and show off your expertise. 

Plus, if you land a gig with a high-paying blog, you can make some serious cash. Here are six tips for writing guest posts that will get you paid

  1. have great ideas 
  2. have credentials to back up your claims 
  3. be thorough in your research
  4. work hard on the headline 
  5. be interesting or entertaining in the intro paragraph, but also offer information that’s helpful or valuable 
  6. make sure you answer questions

Before we talk about how to make money blogging I want to cover some important basics. Every blog post should include a title, introduction, body text, and conclusion. 

After that, it’s just all about what you choose to do! You could turn this into an email list by allowing readers to subscribe at the end. 

You could turn this into an email list by allowing readers to subscribe at the end. It’s totally up to you!


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