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Netlight Systems Review – Reliable and cheap web hosting

Are you looking for the cheapest website hosting in Nigeria? Have you tried Netlight Systems? If yes you are on a safe side, but if not, kindly read through today’s post to have a piece of full knowledge about the Netlight Systems Review.

Today on Naijacloud we’re going to look into Netlight Systems Review, which makes them one of the best hosting companies to consider in Nigeria. Maybe you might have heard from other website developers that most Nigerian hostings companies are wack, I think they are right. Lol.

Netlight Systems have been in the business for over 5 years and I think they know all the do’es and don’t in the industry.

The main reason why I prefer using Netlight Systems is that they don’t only host your website, they teach you how to grow your website via their blog. Some recent updates from their blog post are”The importance of a good social media profile“, “Top 10 reasons why your business needs a website in 2020“, and among others. You can give Netlight Systems a try and start enjoying cheap hosting and 24/7 site uprightness. On today’s Netlight Systems Review we are going to look into three criteria which are mainly:

  • Major Netlight Systems Services
  • What Makes Netlight Systems Hosting Stand Out
  • What do I need To get Started with Netlight Systems
  • Netlight Systems Affiliate

Major Netlight Systems Services

To start the Netlight systems review, we will look into some things. As I have said earlier Netlight system has many great features, we are going to look into what makes them special and acceptable in the industry, want to know more? Below are the criteria we will be discussing.

  • Domain names
  • Web hosting
  • SSL certificates

Web hosting

The main reason why I would recommend Netlight hosting is that they have cheap, free, and reliable hosting. In this post, I will look into each hosting by Netlight and recommend the perfect one for you.

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Netlight system Free Web Hosting

Netlight has a free web hosting which is available for a month only, they give you a disk space of about 100MB and a maximum bandwidth of 1GB.

Netlight free hosting

The free web hosting supports 1 email account, 1 database, Cpanel, and webmail. It cost N0 per month. That’s free right? Lol. Asm sure you already know that Cpanel supports WordPress, Joomla, e.t.c, so you can use the free Netlight hosting and create a free website.

Netlight system Stater Plan

Another cheap plan by Netlight is the starter pack, The starter pack costs N200/month or N2000 / year. The Netlight system starter pack has a disk space of N500MB and a maximum bandwidth of 10GB, unlimited email accounts.

With this plan, you get a free SSL certificate, 24/7 customer support, unlimited database, Cpanel, PHP, WordPress, Joomla, and many others. It’s advisable that you pay for the hosting yearly so you can save more money.

Nelight systems review

Netlight system Basic Plan

This is the most popular and recommendable plan on the list. It costs N350 / month or N3500 / year. If you make payment for this hosting annually, you get a free domain. You get unlimited bandwidth, which I think it’s cool. Isn’t it? You also get 1GB disk space, Cpanel, PHP, WordPress, and many more.

This particular plan attracts 2 add-ons on a domain, free SSL certificate, as usual, unlimited database, with many other great advantages

Netlight system Medium and Advanced Plan

In this paragraph, we will be looking into the Medium and Advanced plan respectively. Each plan costs N850 / month or N8500 / year, N2100 / month, or N21000 / year.

The medium plan gives you access to 3GB web space, unlimited bandwidth, free as usual on yearly hosting. You also get 5 add-ons on a domain, free SSL, and less I forget 24/7′ 365 days a year customer support.

Moreover, the advanced plan gives you 10GB we space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email accounts, Cpanel, PHP, WordPress, e.t.c.

You also have access to 10 domain add-ons plus 24/7 customer support. Free SSL is also available, you also get free domain when you purchase the N21000 yearly hosting.

Domain names

When talking about domains, the Netlight system doesn’t carry last. They also sell cheap and affordable domains. The sell domains with TLD’s .com .info .org and among many others. All Nigerian domain like, .ng, cost just N2000, others like .org, .net, .com cost N5200, N5100 and N4000 respectively.

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When buying domains with a Netlight system, you get easy setup with instant domain activation, free DNS control, free E-mail forwarding, and no hidden costs.

If you need WHOIS protection, Netlight system got you covered too, you can get WHOIS ID protection at N2000/year. Cool and cheap isn’t it? Lol.

To get free you have to purchase any of their premium plans yearly.

SSL certificates

SSL certificates are what makes your website save from hackers, it makes your blog reader believe they are on the saver side. If you’re using Http://, kindly migrate your website to Netlight and get free https:// on every hosting your purchase. Even free hosting comes with a free SSL certificate. This is cool, isn’t it? Lol.

If your website is running on https://, your site will have a padlock shaped icon at the top left of your browser, you can check the image below for detailed understanding.

This SSL certificate won’t only get you returning users, you get chances to rank high on Google’s first page.

What Makes Netlight Systems Hosting Stand Out

Want to know what makes Netlight stand out? Today we’re going to look into two criteria which are Data storage/back up and customers support. So without much ado, let’s look into the second to the last phrase of the Netlight Systems Review.

Data Storage/backups

Data backups and storage are some of the main features that a hosting company must-have. Netlight systems have 24/7 uprightness. Personally, in terms of data storage and site uprightness, my rating for them is 97% because no hosting company is perfect.


Netlight systems have one of the best customer support I have seen. To contact them, you can use the live chat widget on the site or simply use a ticket.

A live chat is to guide you on how to use the website, you can check the image below to chat how to use the live chat, Why the support ticket is used for contacting the technical, billing, and sales team.

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Netlight support livechat

Netlight systems ticket

Let’s say you have a domain ish, you can use the support ticket and get instant reply from their workers. I have tested their interaction with customers and I can see it’s okay. Few webs hosting companies have WhatsApp support and Netlight systems are one of the listed few, you can contact them on WhatsApp as well

What do I need To get Started with Netlight Systems

Do you want to get started? To create an account with free. No ID’s or complicated stuff needed, just provide your E-mail, Phone number, Name,

After signing up, you get a simple dashboard which is self-explanatory, you can check a screenshot of the dashboard below.

Netlight system dashboard

On the dashboard, you can see your services, domains, recent tickets, and invoices. You can also view your affiliate earnings from this dashboard, open a new ticket, and add credit funds. The credit funds are where you get debited when you purchase a new service

Netlight Systems Affiliate

In today’s Netlight system review, we are also going to look into making money via the hosting company. Currently, you get N300 bonus deposited into your affiliate account, you need additional N700 to meet the minimum requirements threshold.

I have a screenshot of their affiliate dashboard, you can talk a quick look below.

Netlight systems affiliate

The affiliate dashboard comprises of where you can see your clicks, sign-ups, earnings, and conversions. You will get your referral link or referral code which you can add to your blog and make huge money on the same page.

I don’t think it’s hard to earn with Netlight affiliate because their minimum withdrawal is N1000 and you already got N300 deposited for you. They have a cheap product people are looking forward to buying.

That’s all for now, I think you enjoyed my post on Netlight system review. This post will get updated whenever we have new updates. What did I miss? You can include them in the comment section below and get an instant reply. Meanwhile, you can check my post on Top 5 Quick Loan Apps in Nigeria Without Collateral. Want more Juicy updates like this? Download our Mobile app below Or Join us via any of our social handles below.


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