Best Free VPN For Android In Nigeria

Top 5 Best Free VPN For Android In Nigeria

Hello and welcome back to my blog, on today we are going to look at the best free VPN for android in Nigeria. The reviews are based on customers reviews and satisfaction

Kindly note that all apps on this list are 100% free. I have taken my time to explain what a VPN is and which could hide your ass on the internet.


We can’t start talking about free VPN without even knowing more about VPN itself. 

What’s a VPN   

VPN is an acronym that stands for the virtual private network. It is created for network protection. It has a lot of benefits in that it helps to disguise data traffic and also can help to secure data transfer. 

When connected to a private server VPN a is important in this area it reduces the risk of data leakage. It helps to hide your IP address from hackers, government agencies, and others.

Using a virtual private network ( VPN)  for the business owner you can get to work from home by using VPN.

It makes it easy, it makes it smooth and secure to share data and relevant information this is one the important work of easy. 

Most importantly in a financial transaction that is not safe to be done anyhow VPN help to protect every financial transaction. 


Best Free VPN For Android In Nigeria

There is nothing like online freedom using your browser without disturbance. How great it will be to use the internet and change your location without even moving an inch from your location. 

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VPN got you covered, so without wasting much time these are the best free VPN for Android in Nigeria because

Express VPN

This particular VPN is one of the best free VPN for Android users, it has three months free and it is one of the best free VPN for Android in Nigeria, it is tested and trusted.  

Best Free VPN For Android In Nigeria

There are some games in which you can’t play in your location but have to change location.

Why worry with Express VPN? Lol

The same thing applies to websites or apps you are not allowed in because of the same location. 

Hideman VPN

Second, on the list of the best VPN for Android In Nigeria is Hideman VPN. It is free and does not have restrictions. 

It is offered given 5 stars, just because of the service rendered. It gives an easy solution to protect of Internet and Cal also changes location without any tracking information.


Why will you be scared of going online, or Making transactions? Why is your online operation not safe? Try out Windscribe VPN block ads, and work against trackers, it makes you access to your location

The amazing part of Windscribe VPN is that it is just free you can use it anytime and it can be used in 10 different countries. 

You get to unlocked geo-restrictions, and you also get to browse safely with Windscribe

Hotspot Shield VPN

On Google play store Hotspot Shield VPN is the most downloaded and most used VPN because of it Amazing features it serves. 

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The Hotspot Shield VPN is mostly used by hackers to hide IP addresses and to keep location hidden.

This virtual private network supports both 3G/4G networks, which enables it to be used but almost everyone has a phone that has a connection. 

 Free VPN For Android In Nigeria

It is used to protect apps from cybercrime. With Hotspot Shield VPN as your fully trusted VPN plug, you are completely 100% sure that your location and IP address is safe. 

Hide me VPN 

Hide me VPN is a type of VPN from an Android user which is free to use, not like some other VPN that has a data limit monthly. Hide me VPN has no data limit you can use any amount of data monthly.

It is said that everything that has an advantage will surely have a disadvantage, VPN has a great opportunity for the online user but also have disadvantage like:

In some countries, VPN is illegal so using it can end you in big trouble.  An original product will be quite expensive, so it is noted that a free VPN can’t be 100% trusted.

One important disadvantage you should take note of is that VPN can slow down your internet connection speed.  So when using VPN you may notice slow browsing, it is only due to your VPN usage. 

Mostly, VPN is used to make your browser safe and it also helps to keep your Importation safe as a user of a VPN. 

The above is the best free VPN for Android in Nigeria. 

When Twitter was banned in Nigeria most people has to make use of a VPN to continue, but do you know not everyone could afford a VPN so why not try out this best free VPN for Android in Nigeria

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Free VPN For PC

Nord VPN

Nord is one of the best VPNs is Pc. It has an android version too but I prefer the desktop version as the android couldn’t make it to the list.

It is available for all types of Pc including Windows, Linux, Mac, and co. They have a student plan that is specially drafted for school students.

On Nord Vpn, you can also get a month free whenever you refer a friend to use Nord.

Express VPN

Like Nord VPN, I can say express VPN is good too. They made it into the android and PC list, and they also work on Windows, Linux, and mac.

They also have chrome extensions, that is you don’t necessarily need to download the software or the app to use it. You can be on chrome and still have a secure connection on your chrome only.

They have both affiliates and referrals. On the affiliate, you get a special commission when you refer a friend while with the referral you get a month free.

IP Vanish

IP Vanish has been one of the best VPNs in Nigeria. According to their developers,  they claim it has Quick and stable velocities, Zero traffic logs, Applications for every one of your gadgets, and Limitless gadgets running at the same time.



In conclusion, I hope you enjoyed my post on the best free VPN for android in Nigeria?

I have some posts on the top list and top loan apps in Nigeria. Do yourself a favor of check it out if you find it relatable.

Thanks and keep surfing the internet!


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