How to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

make money on facebook

Making money online would be easy for you if you aren’t in a heist to make money fast. Making money online is supposed to be slow and need time to grow. So today on NaijaCloud we are looking into the top profitable ways to make money on Facebook. I have tried almost all of them and they worked , why wont the work for you either? It need time and trust me, after giving it the time it deserves you would be making at least 100$ per week. You can also take a look on my post on how to make money via whatsapp. So without taking much of your time let get to what you came here for.

make money on facebook

How to Make Money on Facebook in Nigeria

I have glanced through the internet and i tested some so i came up with top ways to make money on Facebook. Don’t take any for granted. Take all hook, line and sinkers , we never can tell which would work in your favor. Without much Ado let’s dive in.

Facebook Audience Network

Facebook Audience Network is a free website that pays people for monetizing their Facebook account. Its very easy all you need is your Facebook account and they will help in monetization , just like Google Adsense for bloggers.

If you have your own blog (any niche), Facebook Instant Articles, after approval you can join the Facebook audience network and start making money as people read your articles

make money on facebook

Just create a Facebook page make it grow and visit their website here, then scroll down till you see ‘Get started/Monetize Now’. Click on the Get started/Monetize Now. This platform is 100% legit and they really pay, they are tested, trusted and legit.

Join Pay Per click Network (PPC)

Well i have explained this in one of my former post, were how explained dipped about this. Link shortners are website that pays you for user’s clicking on your link. Many URL shortners don’t work on face book e.g Am not going to discuss dip about URL shortner in this particular post, you can learn more about URL shortners here. URL shortners pay about 4-10$ per 1000 clicks depending on the country the clicks are from. Click from the united state have the highest pay. Some of the Link shortners have their minimum withdrawal to be 5$. So one you reach 5$ you get paid via PayPal. You can learn more about creating a PayPal account here.

Selling your own products

Facebook added some features that allow it’s users to sell their product. You can now sell your product on Facebook group or open a page and add a shop. Shop allows you to add price tag and contact detail to whats you sell. In case you don’t want to sell on Facebook you can try Facebook sell groups, just join the groups and add what you want to sell, the caption and the price tag. Below are example of things you can sell on Facebook;

  • Planners.
  • Facial products.
  • Smartphone accessories.
  • Subscription boxes.
  • Handcrafted wood products.
  • Eco-friendly feminine products.
  • Specialty hair products.
  • International tea and coffee products.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliating marketing is one of the best ways to make money on Facebook, instead of selling your products like the one in the last subheading, you sell other peoples product and get commission. If you need to know more abut affiliate marketing and how to earn from it, you can check my previous post with detailed explanations. You can earn as much as 70% commission for each person who buy the product via your link. let’ say some one buy a Television via your link and the original price of the TV is N60000, you can earn as much as N10000 for just referring someone to get the product.

Buy and sell Facebook Pages and Groups

You might have heard people  saying they sell Instagram and Facebook accounts. When selling social account , i can boast you can earn much. You can buy account and resell. Websites like help you out. Let’s say you bout a Facebook account for 5k leave it for 5 months and resell for 8k . Isn’t that cool? Give this a try.

Facebook Surveys

Facebook survey is the last on our list of ways to make money on Facebook in Nigeria. Most times, Companies or brands carry out surveys to gather consumer opinions about a new or existing product or service so as to get more insight into how consumers feel about the products and the improvements that can be made.

To conduct these surveys, companies reach out to page owners with lots of followers, survey sites or bloggers with huge followership. If your page fits their criteria, then you get paid for a survey.


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