CJ Affiliate Network Review

CJ Affiliate Network Review: Everything You Need to Know

CJ Affiliate Network Review – It’s safe to say that affiliate marketing has changed the way that people earn money online.

It’s also safe to say that with this comes some controversy.

In this CJ Affiliate Network review, we hope to give you the full scope of what CJ Affiliate Network has to offer.

CJ Affiliate Network Review
CJ website

You can make an informed decision about whether or not it will work for you and your business needs.

What is cj affiliate

Commission Junction, originally Commission Junction, was founded in 1998 before being acquired by ValueClick in 2003. 

It was then rebranded to CJ Affiliate by Conversant in 2014.  

CJ Affiliate is a pay-per-click affiliate network that offers access to over 10,000 advertisers and 2 million products. It has offices in New York City and San Francisco with more than 200 employees globally.

How cj affiliate works 

The method of affiliate CJ uses for new affiliate is either you’re an advertiser or a publisher to prevents confusion, like in the recent 20 year the affiliate program was confusing 

The first step is to provide your basic contact information, which then triggers a confirmation email.

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Simply click on the link in the email to move to the next step where you input basic payment information and choose a password.

Then you’ll need to fill out a bit more about your company.

And as a result, by filling out this questionnaire, you have now supplied all the details the CJ Affiliate by Conversant process needs to be relatively painless and easier than many other networks.

Now, unlike some other companies, CJ does not require that you use a special tracking link for all links; as you’ll see later on in our review, you are also able to add your own URLs. 

However, when using a standard affiliate link (the ones we will be talking about here), there is one thing you need to keep in mind: it must be shortened using an affiliate URL shortener. 

Utilizing one of these services such as bitly or tinyurl allows you to track who clicked on your links and where they are coming from, while not being able to do so otherwise.

Previously, their hiring of well-known celebrities gave them a strong edge moreover CJ hasn’t let go of that they still hire popular superstars.

This includes quick links to show all the different types of companies you can apply to via CJ: CJ has a plethora of major brands as compared to any other affiliate network. 

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A lot of other advertisers come to join this affiliate network and some of them are Zappos, Verizon, Barnes & Noble, and IHG. So what about the other 2,869 affiliates that you can find on CJ Affiliate by Conversant?

Unfortunately, these are less impressive. So CJ has some big hitters that should distract you from caring.

How to Create a Cj affiliate Marketing System as Your Business

Whether you’re a new entrepreneur or an established business owner.

Chances are there are opportunities in your company for which you can create systems. 

Make sure your team is aware of processes from start to finish. 

If everyone in your organization knows what needs to happen and when, and by whom.

Then executing on those tasks becomes simple and it increases productivity across your organization. 

CJ Affiliate Network Review

So, how do you get started? Start by determining whether or not someone in your company already has a similar process that can be improved.

CJ Affiliate program Pros

About the ease of using Cj affliate program 

From what I’ve  witnessed using the CJ Affiliate Network platform I’ve had good results. 

I think it’s a good way to make money on the internet. 

Began with a $40 sign-up fee and an additional $60 on training, and earn around $70-$90 per day. 

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If I spend more time in CJ, it will go up to around $100 per day (that’s the limit if you are in the right schedule). 

Can say one thing you need not invest much time in it but invest a good amount of money which is enough for me.

The Conversant Affiliate Dashboard has remained pretty much the same as always, but a few updates and new design changes have taken place. 

Your workspace is thankfully not cluttered It’s a succinct way to review your account.

I enjoy the minimalistic design because there’s lots of white space to make the information easy to read and to move around. 

If you’re interested in anything other than your finances, all of the menus are navigated with a dropdown list.

 Accounts, Ads, Links, Widgets, Reports, Mail, Placements, Insights are now together in one place in order to limit the cluttered look of the dashboard.

My Final thoughts about Cj affiliate Network 

The CJ Affiliate program has one of the largest affiliate networks, thus allowing you as an affiliate marketer a greater reach and access to more products. 

More importantly, it’s pretty easy to maintain your account while earning recurring monthly income. Start using the network today. Goodluck


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