how to delete transaction history on trust wallet

How to Delete Transaction History on Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a popular cryptocurrency wallet app that provides a secure way to store and manage your crypto assets. However, for privacy reasons, you may want to delete the record of your transactions from within the app.

In this detailed guide, we’ll explain how to fully remove your transaction history from Trust Wallet on both iPhone and Android devices.

By the end, you’ll know the necessary steps to clear all your activity logs.

Understanding Trust Wallet Transaction History

When you send or receive crypto, interact with dApps, stake tokens, and perform other actions through Trust Wallet, the transaction history keeps a log of:

– Date, time, amount, and details of each transfer or transaction

– Senders and recipients of cryptocurrency transfers

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– dApp interactions like approvals, swaps, and smart contract calls

– Staking, pooling, and mining distributions

This transaction feed provides helpful records of your crypto activity in Trust Wallet. However, you may want to delete this sensitive data for privacy reasons before transferring an account or discontinuing use of the wallet. Now let’s look at how to remove it.

How to Delete Transaction History on Trust Wallet

Unfortunately, Trust Wallet does not have a native option to mass delete or clear your entire transaction history from within the app.

However, you can delete transactions individually:

1. Access your transaction history tab in Trust Wallet.

2. Tap and hold on a particular transaction row.

3. Tap the trash icon that appears to delete that specific transaction.

4. Confirm deletion of just that individual transaction’s record.

While not as quick as mass deletion, this allows you to manually select and remove certain transactions you don’t want stored in your history.

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Preventing Transaction History from Storing

Alternatively, you can prevent Trust Wallet from logging certain transactions in the first place:

1. Enable the “Private Mode” setting in Trust Wallet.

2. This will stop the app from storing transaction history moving forward.

Of course this will disable your transaction feed entirely rather than just deleting existing data. But it does serve as a nuclear option to prevent any further transaction logging.

Restoring Deleted Transaction History

Keep in mind that any deleted transactions cannot be recovered or restored. The transaction history purge is permanent in Trust Wallet once confirmed.

However, the crypto networks themselves maintain immutable records of all transfers and transactions. So the Trust Wallet history only reflects your interactions, not the broader blockchain activity.

Additional Privacy Best Practices

Besides deleting history logs, here are other tips for enhancing privacy with Trust Wallet:

– Use addresses just once per transaction to prevent linkability.

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– Don’t reuse addresses when possible to avoid surveillance.

– Enable Trust Wallet’s existing privacy settings like hiding account balances.

– Only connect to dApps and services that are trusted and reputable.

– Consider using privacy-centric cryptocurrencies like Monero or Zcash.

Risks of Exposed Transaction History 

Some potential dangers of having your Trust Wallet transaction history exposed include:

– Revealing your cryptocurrency balances and which assets you own.

– Indicating which entities or individuals you transact with.

– Tying your wallet addresses together by entities monitoring the blockchain.

– Allowing linking of your identity if KYC details are attached.

– Enabling targeted phishing or hacking attempts based on activity.


While not as straightforward as a simple mass delete, you can selectively clear your Trust Wallet transaction history log by removing transactions individually.

You can also disable future logging entirely through Private Mode. Take these steps to enhance wallet privacy and security.


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