best medical schools in Nigeria

Top 5 best medical schools in Nigeria 

Hello and welcome to my blog, today we are going to discuss the top 5 best medical schools in Nigeria.

As we all know there are a lot of medical schools in Nigeria that have different advantages.

Most people want to study medicine but are not sure if the medical school they can go to so we are here to talk about it all.

best medical schools in Nigeria
Image Source – National Cancer Institute!

I wrote a post on top secondary schools in Ondo State, if you find it useful do us a favor and check it out. 

Getting on this list is not easy but with great advantages, most of the University below has a good impact on students 

Top 5 Best Medical Schools In Nigeria 

The list of the best medical schools consists of both federal and state universities but unfortunately no polytechnic.

I have a little bit of their origin and added info about admission and school fees. 

So without wasting your time, let’s look at the best medical schools in Nigeria. 

Obafemi Awolowo University 

This is the first school on our list of the top 5 medical schools in Nigeria. 

The federal university was founded in Osun state, one of the best universities in Nigeria. 

Obafemi Awolowo University is also called the university of ife, it is an ancient university established in the year 1962, and the medical name is College of Health Science. 

The OAU cut-off mark for this school is 200. Out of the world, university Ranking is about the whole 1201+

This is because of the best performance of the universities in Nigeria.  

It is known that a lot of students have finished from this school with a good and proper result. 

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Being in this school is a great opportunity for every student.

The school is a school in which you have a great company of people and friends you can relate with. 

University of Lagos

The University of Lagos was founded in the year 1962, the same year as the OAU.

Ever since then this university is going smoothly with educating students and bringing up great ones. 

best medical schools in Nigeria
Image Source – Unilag Website

This university is the great and famously called “unilag“. This is what saved it a slot in our top 5 best medical schools in Nigeria. 

College of medicine (unilag) has one of the best services in Nigeria, ranking in the top 10 best medical schools because of their well-equipped school. 

Medicine and surgery have become easy with this school training. 

The University of Lagos is well accredited in medicine.

They also have other courses but now we are talking about medicine.

We don’t need to go out of Nigeria when we have this type of university which is perfect for this course. 

The University of Lagos has trained a lot of good and professional doctors out there which are already out in the field. 

The field of working is not just what a student can just go into but this school helps to bring up students with great rewards. 

University of Ibadan

Medicine was one of the faculties created when the institution (UI) began, and it was founded in Oyo state. 

It is also the first university in Nigeria and this has helped build up the school. 

They have a solid foundation in Nigeria.  This university has almost everything they need, most especially fame. 

This university is one of the best universities to gain entrance into Nigeria, and it’s one of the reasons it is one of the top 10 best medical schools in Nigeria.

A lot of students want to try and enter medicine in the same school but they can’t. 

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There is a lot of competition in the school, even after gaining admission you have to work hard to meet up to other levels. 

It Isn’t an easy thing for a university to be among the top 10 best medical schools. Everyone wants to get in. 

University of Ilorin

The University of Ilorin was founded in 1975, It is established by the federal military government.  

As it is a federal university it has low schools fees which can be helpful to students who are not rich to afford state or private university 

I am surprised that it’s on our list of the best medical schools in Nigeria. The University of Ilorin is one of the best universities where one can study medicine without much problem and with peace of mind. 

It is also one of the most competitive schools in Nigeria. 

The most important advantage of Ilorin University is that it has a fast calendar. 

Their academic calendar is not disturbing and it is not slow, unlike most universities. 

Students from different parts of Nigeria even out of the country come to this school to Learn. 

Not only learn but also engage in interactive activities around the school. What makes this school unique is mostly the short calendar. 

The University of ILORIN hospital used for the training by students in the university of ILORIN is called the University of ILORIN teaching hospital. 

This school has won a lot of awards which has added to their school degree. 

The school has not won only one award but many awards. 

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University of Nigeria, Nsukka

University of Nigeria, Nsukka was founded in the year 1955 as a federal university that has won a slot in one of the top 5 best medical schools in Nigeria.

This is one of the best universities for building critical thinking and also helps in scientific inquiries. 

UNN is not just an ordinary university, It has a lot of benefits. 

The medical faculty of the schools is called the faculty of medical science and dentistry.  

The school will give admission to students with a Cut-off mark of 180  in their time 

University Of Benin

Uniben was founded in 1970 the school has grown to have a name nationwide which can not be easy for people. 

The school has help products that help the Nigerians as a whole, it has both art and science courses, and with around 15 faculties 

Uniben is a college of medicine that is located in Edo state.

Best medical schools
Uniben gate –

The name of their teaching hospital is the University of Benin teaching hospital which is one of the best teaching hospitals. 

We can only come together to build up this university, with our peace and unity as a student of one of these great academics. 

The school mentioned above has one or two advantages that make them the top 10 best medical schools in Nigeria. 

This school has a Great impact on Nigeria and promotes the economy. 


I hope I enjoyed my post on the top 5 best medical schools in Nigeria even though I wrote six. 

This content aims to make you choose the right school for your medical career.

They are not written in any particular order. I have a post on Prospa review and Kuda Bank review, you can check it out. 

Thanks. I would be stopping here. 


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